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Cable TV & Telephone

Cable TV - Channel Line-Up

The College recently updated the Cable TV service to an all-digital HD service.  The ClearQAM ( CQAM)  channel lineup  is made up of (80) All Digital Hi-Definition channels including ESPN, Discovery, History, the Weather Channel, NFL Network, International Channels Univision, Telemundo, TWC News, TWC Sports, and Showtime (Analog) premium channel  and  (45) Digital Music channels.


• (75 )  Digital HD TV Channels
• Showtime Premium Channel
• (45) Digital Music channels

Cable TV Tech Support


Dial 844-725-4339
1.    Auto Attendant will ask for your 10 digit Phone number or instruct the caller to say, “ I don’t have an account”.
2.    Say “ I don’t have an account”
3.    Auto Attendant asks “ Are you living in a community where all or part of your services are provided by your Landlord or Campus?
4.    Respond - “Yes”
5.    Call will then be routed to dedicated bulk customer care Agents


How to Program Channels

The following steps need to be taken upon connecting TV to the CATV Outlet
1.     Make sure your TV is set to "cable" and not "antenna".
2.     Through the TV "menu" functions perform an auto-scan for channels (May take 10-40 minutes depending on TV model).


Cable TV FAQs

Q: My TV only shows a hand full of channels.
A: repeat Steps above

Q: Will my TV work?
A:Most televisions manufactured after 2006 have a QAM tuner built in and should work well with our system.  Televisions older than 2006 will need a digital tuner box.  Based on testing on other campuses, an iView 3500STBII Multi-Function Digital Converter Box has been found to work sufficiently. This manufacturer/model is only a suggestion as TWC cannot speak to the manufacturer’s quality control. There are other manufacturers/models of varying prices and quality that you may choose to try. These can be purchased through Best Buy, Wal-Mart, Kmart and other Electronics stores and online.


Q: My TV shows the channel line-up in a different numbering sequence. Am I getting the proper feed or is the TWC digital channel line-up incorrect?
A: If given a choice of STD, HRC, or IRC for auto-scanning options please select STD. Some digital television sets have tuners within them that change the channel numbering sequence even if scanned with STD. All channels should still be able to be received but may show on different channel numbers than what is shown on the TWC digital channel line-up chart posted online. This channel line-up variance is a product of the specific TV's tuner and is not an item that TWC can control. We have encountered this issue with Samsung but other manufacturers may do the same. If you are missing multiple channels within the line-up please let us know and we will work with you to resolve the matter.

Q:  I have a Westinghouse TV and can’t get any TV channels to come up.  What do I do?
A:  You will need to get a manufacturer’s code.  To get this choose information start to scan, go to QAM, on your TV you will see a phone number to call to get your code.   You will have to give your TV serial number and then you will receive your code.  Enter the code in the TV remote when prompted.


Telephone (subject to change during 2016-17 academic year)

Landline telephone service is provided.  This is a great "back up" for times when your cell phone is out of service or isn't charged.

Service includes local and "room to room" telephone service, call waiting, call forwarding, and 3-way calling.  Phone numbers are given to students at check-in. There is NO charge for the local services (Utica Area Only). Students may choose to use a private phone card or their cell phone for long-distance service.  Voice mail is included with phone service.  Students may receive long-distance calls from anywhere on this phone with no charge.

How to receive calls:  Provide any caller with your (315) 624-- - - - ) number provided to you at check-in.

How to make calls: To call Public Safety dial 5777.  To call RA on Duty dial 5310.  To call a Utica area number or a college office, dial 9-the number WITHOUT the area code.