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Dual Credit

MVCC’s Dual–Credit program is a community service offered to area high school students enabling them to earn advanced standing or college credit for college classes attended in their own high school. Students typically enroll in 100–200 level college courses taught by qualified high school teachers who have been pre–approved by MVCC as adjunct instructors. Courses are identical to those offered on the MVCC campus. All schoolwork, however, is done in the high school setting, during the routine school day. This unique program provides students the opportunity to earn both college and high school credit for the same course. Dual-Credit has become widely–recognized as a unique way of enhancing the typical high school experience, offering motivated students a larger course selection, an alternative to AP courses, a manageable transition to college–level coursework, and a potential means of saving tuition dollars in the long–run.

Accredited by NACEP

National Aliance of Concurrent Enrollment APartnership

Contact Information

Shane McGovern
Director - Dual Credit

  Brandon Horender
Project Coordinator - Dual Credit


Utica - Academic Building 153
Phone (Utica): 315.731.5780 or 315.792.5500