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Medications and Personal Supplies Available - No Charge


Medications (Limited Quantity)
APAP (Tylenol) - Acetaminophen - Uses: Fever & Pain
Diotame (Pepto Bismol) - Anti-Diarrhea - Uses: Diarrhea and upset stomach
Iprin (Motrin, Advil) - Ibuprofen Fever - Uses: Pain
Diphen (Benadryl) - Antihistamine - Uses: Allergies
Personal Products
Female Personal Projects


Contact Information

Anne Popeo, BS,RN
College Nurse

Utica Campus
Student Health Center, ACC 104
Telephone - 315-792-5452
Fax- 315-731-5854

Rome Campus
Student Services
Plumley Building, Room A30
Telephone - 315-334-7709
Fax - 315-334-7726