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Institute for Intrapreneurship

Intrapreneurship is the practice of creating new pedagogies, services, systems, and initiatives from within an organization and does not require adherence to usual routines or protocol.

The Institute for Intrapreneurship is a safe place where the MVCC community, faculty, staff, and students can explore innovation. The Institute strives to stimulate and provoke thinking and conversation that challenge faculty and staff to innovate. The Institute will focus on formal and informal experiences that encourage a culture of innovation. It also will celebrate the pockets of innovation that take place regularly in classrooms, centers, and programs, and through institutional collaboration by creating a safe space where innovations can be conceived, explored, nurtured, tested, and peer-reviewed. The Institute will also host unstructured open lab opportunities for faculty, staff, and students to develop ideas and prototypes, helping to move the Institution collectively toward a culture of innovation.

Do you have an innovative idea or know of innovation happening at MVCC? Find more information on how to submit your idea.

The Institute for Intrapreneurship will focus on:

  • Workshops and webinars for staff and faculty on innovation topics
  • MVCC Innovation Grant-related activities
  • Collaborative meetings to share innovation practices
  • Resources for training and developing innovative practices
  • A consistent process for collecting ideas, proposals and future projects

Initial Deliverables:

  • To offer workshops on innovation
  • To sponsor instructors on innovative course redesign

Future Goals:

  • Offer at least two workshops a semester on innovation
  • Sponsor at least two instructors on innovative course redesign
  • Identify one cohort to participate in an innovation session
  • Assessment of pilot programs
  • Address scalability