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Hawk Vision Idea Bank

Thank you for considering submitting an idea to MVCC’s Hawk Vision futures group! Please review the submission categories and the submission guidelines below. In your submission, please indicate which category you are submitting under and include a brief (75 word or fewer) summary of the idea for publication purposes. If you have questions, please email hawkvision@mvcc.edu.

Submission categories

  • Serving Students: Submissions in this category focus on innovative practices that serve students in the classroom, through co-curricular experiences, or through College services. Insights based on action research are appropriate for this category. Submissions should include a description of the practice, experience or service and some context as to its purpose or intent. A consideration of scalability, and/or will enable or hinder the success of the initiative may also be appropriate.
  • Leading Edge: Submissions in this category include new ideas acquired from professional development, conferences, or other sources. Submissions might address the reasons behind or need for pedagogical innovation or service innovations from a broad perspective. They may be editorial in nature. You may also discuss what might be needed to make this a reality or why it is important to consider.
  • Targeted topics: At least twice a year, Hawk Vision will create a call for submission around a targeted topic related to innovation or Hawk Vision activities. Submissions in this category may be more editorial in nature but should address the guidelines in the specific call for submission.

General Submission Guidelines

  • Type: Hawk Vision accepts a variety of types of submissions, including text, video, graphic images, or audio files. These submissions do not need to be perfect finished products – just something to give us an idea of what your submission is all about. For example, if you choose to create a video submission, you can do so using something simple like a smartphone.
  • Length: Text-based submissions should not exceed 2,000 words. Independent video or audio submissions should not exceed 10 minutes in length. Visual images should be of a resolution and quality for optimal display on most monitors (750px wide x 500px tall at 72dpi).
  • Submission process: All works should be submitted electronically at hawkvision@mvcc.edu.