The purpose of the Strengths and Values (SAVE) Council is to discuss ways in which every member of the College will continue to demonstrate the values expressed by the College community in our Values Statement as well as strengthen practices for employees and student development through the use of a Strengths-based philosophy.  The Council will provide a forum to discuss and consider suggestions to publicize, assimilate, and acknowledge our shared values and strengths.

Recommendations will be made to appropriate College offices, governance groups, and to the College community as a whole.

Charter Sponsor

President's Cabinet

Charter Contact

College President



Membership (serving three-year terms unless otherwise indicated)

  • Executive Director of Organizational Development Ex Officio (Standing) Chair: David Katz 
  • Member of the Office of Marketing and Communications appointed by the President (2019): Sharon Zohne 
  • Member of Enrichment Team appointment by the President (2020): Rich Kelly 
  • Member of Human Resources appointed by the President (2019): Kayleigh Gapp 
  • Member of Administrative Services appointed by the Vice President for Administrative Services (2021): Jeff Kimball 
  • Rome representative appointed by the Dean of Rome Campus (2020): Angie Christian 
  • Member of Learning and Academic Affairs appointed by the Vice President for Learning and Academic Affairs (2022): Jocelyn Ireland 
  • Member of Student Affairs appointed by the Vice President for Student Affairs (2020): Nicole Benton 
  • Faculty At Large elected (2020): Michelle Kelly 
  • Faculty At Large elected (2021): Jennifer Krohn 
  • Staff At Large elected (2021): Brandon Horender 
  • Staff At Large elected (2021): Bill Dustin 


Task Action
Discuss and research ideas to publicize and foster our shared values Discuss
Develop, research, and solicit ideas that heighten awareness of our shared values Develop and research
Create and support employee and student development opportunities using Strengths Develop and support

Collaborate with existing groups to incorporate the use of Strengths into the student and staff experience Recommend
Develop best practices for the use of Strengths philosophy throughout the College Recommend
Communicate new Strengths initiatives to the College community Communicate
Develop and implement assessment practices for Strengths-based initiatives Develop
Communicate with and report to Cabinet and other governance bodies Communicate

Does Not

  • Make decisions
  • Discuss personnel issues
  • Discuss contractual issues
  • Make budgetary decisions

Guiding Points

  • Keep the College mission front and center.
  • Investigate new ideas.
  • Be creative and inclusive.
  • Think about what’s best for students and employees.
  • Seek to understand and recognize there are multiple perspectives to each issue.
  • Work to develop Strengths as a distinctive signature of MVCC.
  • Work with all members of the College community to promote our shared values.
  • Serve as a clearinghouse to review, research, and evaluate ways to publicize our shared values.

Updated Oct. 12, 2018