The purpose of the Information Technology Council is to develop, on a yearly basis, a three-year rolling Information Technology Strategic Plan at the College.

Charter Sponsor

President's Cabinet

Charter Contact

Paul Katchmar, Executive Director of Information Technology



Membership (length of term for members, if applicable)

  • Information Technology Executive Director Ex Officio (Standing) Chair: Mary Jane Parry
  • Information Technology Admin Chair Appointed (Standing): Colleen Cornmire
  • IT Help Desk Chair appointed (Standing): Sergey Myalik
  • IT Telecommunications Chair appointed (Standing): Jason Yager
  • Member of Educational Technologies appointed by VPLAA (Standing): Norma Chrisman
  • At Large member appointed by the President (2021): Nancy Wallace
  • Rome Campus Representative appointed by Dean for Rome Campus (2023): Amir Harbas
  • Administrative Services member appointed by the Vice President for Administrative Services (2021): Jim Myers
  • Member of Academic Affairs appointed by the Vice President for Learning and Academic Affairs (2023): Jim Lynch
  • Member of Student Affairs appointed by the Vice President for Student Affairs (2021): Kate Barefoot
  • Hawk Visions President Appointed (2022): Jennifer Fanelli
  • Senate Faculty Caucus President Appointed (2020): Christine Miller


  • Create, review, and endorse the College’s Information Technology Strategic Plan.
  • Review significant technology investments and expenditures.
  • Recommend new or modified Information Technology services, projects, or systems.
  • Review, approve, and prioritize projects with an Information Technology component.
  • Research and develop long-term Information Technology strategic goals.
  • Research and develop yearly Information Technology operational priorities.
  • Make final recommendations to charter sponsor.

Does Not

  • Make final decisions
  • Discuss personnel issues
  • Discuss contractual issues

Guiding Points

  • Keep the College mission front and center.
  • Be creative and think big.
  • Think about what is best for students.
  • Represent all divisions of the College.