To provide a forum for College-wide dialogue on issues that pertain to the future of education and the extent to which MVCC is positioned to thrive in changing times.

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Standing, Began in December 2014

Membership (By President Appointment) (length of terms for members, if applicable)

  • Academic Administration: Jim Lynch (2019)
  • Academic Administration: Tim Thomas (2019)
  • Strategic Horizon Network: Amanda Roy-Small (2021)
  • Faculty: Derek Stevens (2021)
  • Faculty: Rich Kelly (2020)
  • Faculty: Shahida Dar (2020)
  • Faculty: Jon-David Velletto (2021)
  • Student Affairs: Janet Visalli (2020)
  • Admin Services: MJ Parry (2019)
  • At-Large: Jennifer Fanelli (2019)


Task Action
Explore trends and issues that may impact the College five or more years into the future Develop and Maintain
Continually scan the environment for future innovation to consider and promote within the College Scan and Promote
Engage MVCC Community in discussions on the future Engage
Support and magnify innovative practices and promote them within the College Support and Magnify
Integrate Strategic Horizon Network learning into our daily work Integrate
Make at least one major recommendation each year to Cabinet Recommend


Does Not

  • Feel constrained by realities of today
  • Adopt a scarcity mindset
  • Assume the future will be a linear extrapolation of the present

Guiding Points

  • Consider ways to connect with Strategic Horizon Network colleges.
  • Be creative.
  • Be productively paranoid.
  • Maintain a mindset of abundance.
  • Consider engaging others through subcommittees, task forces, and workgroups.

Updated Nov. 21, 2018

What is Hawk Vision

Hawk Vision is an initiative to nurture creative ideas and launch intrapreneurial projects that drive the mission of MVCC. Not just a think tank, Hawk Vision is a value-added action tank designed to bring great ideas to life.

Hawk Vision was formed to equip the MVCC community to fully realize the College mission and vision. In a short time, community colleges have transformed from a novel, experimental sector of higher education into the largest and most diverse sector of higher education in the United States. Increasing challenges come in the form of resources, competitors, and constituencies’ demands that constrain capacity, as well as fundamental shifts in the external environment that are bringing constant change to the way community colleges function.

Hawk Vision will provide the much-needed structure to facilitate a campus dialogue that is focused on organizational learning about alternative futures, disruptive innovation, and strategies for transformation. The goal is to facilitate institutional growth and encourage a culture that embraces change. MVCC must be agile to stay ahead of the trends. Innovative ideas that arise through the use of predictive analytics and forecasting tools will propel the Institution toward positive change in the pursuit of its mission fulfillment.

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