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Managing Your Time

One important aspect of a successful college career is managing your time well. Managing your time is an ongoing process, but starting with good habits from the start can be a huge help. You'll want to consider:

Keeping Track of Assignments and Appointments

Using your planner from the college is a great way to accomplish this. You can also keep things in the calendar on your phone or make to do lists. There are many options, but try some things out and find the system that works best for you.

Mastering Your Weekly Schedule

There are 168 hours in a week so figure out when you'll sleep, work at your job, do schoolwork, and the many other things that demand your time. Having a plan helps you make sure you are dedicating the time to school that it needs along with getting everything else done. Having a routine will also help you to be more productive with your time.

Planning Ahead and Having Back-Up Plans

The morning of your exam when your car isn't working isn't the best time to figure out what alternatives you have for getting to school. Being prepared can be simple things like making sure you have the contact information for another student in each class (that you can get notes from) and for your professors, but also thinking ahead about transportation, computer problems, etc.

Having Time for College

Planning time for study is one of the most important ingredients of academic success. A general rule of thumb to follow when trying to set up a time schedule for studying is -plan on two hours of study per week for each credit you are enrolled in. For example, a three-credit course may require six hours of study per week. We recognize many students are working while taking classes so to help balance work, school, and other priorities you'll want to plan on being a part-time student if you're working full-time, and only working part-time if you're a full-time student. If you have questions about your course load be sure to talk to an advisor right away.