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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a typical day like at Mohawk Valley Community College?

It is difficult to describe a typical day, since MVCC students come from all kinds of different places and have a wide variety of goals. Some students get to school around 8:00 a.m. and spend the day on campus, going to classes, eating in MVCC Commons, attending events on campus, and/or studying in the library. Other students might have work or family responsibilities during the day and may come to campus just once a week in the evenings. There are plenty of opportunities for you to be as involved on campus as you want to be. Visit the Office of Student Activities to get more information on how to get connected and involved.

Do I need an e-mail address?

You have been given an e-mail account to use while you are a student at MVCC. Many instructors will utilize Blackboard (MVCC's online learning environment), which requires an active e-mail address. You can also use e-mail to communicate with your instructors and your classmates. You are encouraged to check this e-mail address daily so that you do not miss important information from your instructors or college offices.

You can check your e-mail directly from the MVCC homepage:

Username: First initial, last name, and day of birth (e.g. jdoe05)

Password: Last four digits of your Social Security Number

Your e-mail address: Your username followed by

So, to check her e-mail, Jane Doe would log into her student e-mail account using her username jdoe05 (do not put and the last four digits of her Social Security Number.

What is the Diversity and Global View (DGV) requirement?

DGV is a program designed by MVCC aimed at helping our students understand that in today´s world, different cultures interact and must be appreciated. Students will develop an intercultural awareness and a respect for other points of view, and will be prepared to be participants in an increasingly global community by participating in campus events and completing online tutorials.

Is public transportation available to and from school?

The Centro New York Transit Authority provides regular bus service to campus from the greater Utica and Rome area. For locations and schedules you can visit Centro's website.

Bus passes are available to students through the bookstore and auxiliary services.

Are there services on campus that assist returning adult students?

The Adult Learner Services office provides individualized assistance for returning students throughout the process of enrolling and succeeding in school.

How long will it take to earn a degree?

Most degree programs at MVCC can be completed within two or three years. The time it takes to complete a degree, however, will depend on how many credits you take each semester as well as possible foundational course work you might be required to complete. Some students need to take a semester off, while other students may take summer and winter session classes. A student who takes at least twelve (12) credits per semester is defined as full-time. However, to graduate in two years, some programs will require you to take fifteen (15) to eighteen (18) credits per semester. It is important to communicate with your advisor so that you can complete the degree in the time you need.

What do I do if I miss a class?

If at all possible, you should let your instructor know ahead of time if you will need to miss a class. In an emergency situation, you should contact your instructor as soon as possible afterward. In either case, it is your responsibility to get all of the notes and assignments from the class that you missed. For this reason, it is a good idea to have the contact information of another student in the class who can help catch you up on anything you missed.

Is there a penalty for being late to class?

The attendance policies of your instructors will vary. It is a good idea to check your syllabus and make sure you understand the policy for each of your classes. If you think you might have trouble getting to class, talk with your instructor and let him or her know ahead of time.

How much will books cost?

The costs of textbooks vary depending on major and course, and range from $10 to $170. You can find out which books you need for each course, get price information, and even make purchases through the MVCC Bookstore's website.

Are there jobs available on campus?

There are a variety of student employment positions on campus. The first step is to talk with someone in the Office of Career, Transfer, and Job Placement to find out about current openings and eligibility criteria. Career Services also posts local job openings online for students.

Are there ways to help meet the cost of attending college?

Financial Aid programs at MVCC are designed to assist eligible students with meeting their college-related expenses. Financial assistance is provided through scholarships, grants, loans, and employment opportunities. The Financial Aid Office can provide more information on these options. Also, the Business Office has information that allows students to arrange a payment plan.

Is it possible to change my academic advisor?

Yes. It is important that students establish a positive relationship with their assigned advisor early in their academic career. To change your academic advisor, stop by your Center office and speak with a staff or faculty member there.

Do you have information and resources that would be useful to my family and friends?

We understand that your family and friends are a critical support for you as you advance through your education. Please encourage them to visit the portion of our website dedicated to parents, family and friends.

Is there an office on campus that helps students with physical, emotional and/or learning disabilities?

The Disability Services Office is committed to providing equal opportunity and a full college experience by offering a variety of support services. Please contact them as soon as you are enrolled as a student.

What is the CSTEP program?

The Collegiate Science and Technology Entry Program (CSTEP) is designed for college students whose majors are in the fields of science, math, engineering, technologies and allied health. The program provides historically underrepresented, economically disadvantaged college students with specialized tutoring, mentoring, presentations, career exploration, field trips, academic competitions, service projects, internships and workshops.

How can I confirm my status as a student to maintain my health insurance, unemployment, childcare assistance, or other benefits?

The Academic Advisement Office will assist in the verification of student status and schedule to help students maintain certain government support including daycare assistance. The Adult Learner Services office can assist students with the 599 application to maintain unemployment benefits. The Registrar's Office will assist in the verification of enrollment for health insurance or parental tax purposes.