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Frequently Asked Questions

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Computer Accounts
How do I access the wifi on campus?

Students can use the MVCC-SSID wifi for the best service. You login using the same information as your email account or the computers on campus. Students living in the residence halls are encouraged to use MVCC Housing wifi for the best service.

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How do I add my MVCC email to my smart phone?

You will want to use the Microsoft Exchange (ActiveSync) or Corporate Email Icon in the email setup wizard on your phone.

Once in the wizard, the information you will need is:

- EMAIL: your student email (example)

- USERNAME: your username (example) jdoe07

- PASSWORD: your password that you check your email and log on to the computers with (by default it's the last 4 digits of your SSN)



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How do I log into my email account and what is my email address?

Every MVCC student receives an MVCC email account upon being accepted to the college. Your email address is your first initial, last name, and day of your birth (example:

You can access your email from the quick links on the Current Students home page or directly at this address: Your login is your user name (example: jdoe07) and your password is originally set to be the last 4 digits of your SSN.

Your college email is our main form of communication with students so please check it regularly to not miss important information from the college staff and your instructors.

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What is Blackboard and how do I log in?

Blackboard is an Internet-based application which allows instructors to put class materials such as notes and assignments for students to access. All online courses at MVCC use Blackboard as do many on-campus classes.

Your login for Blackboard is the same as your email or to log into the computers on campus.

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What do I do if I'm having problems with my Blackboard account including if courses don't appear?

Blackboard is only available 3-5 days before a semester starts. Additionally, if you just registered for a course it can take 1-2 days to appear in your Blackboard account.

If you are having trouble with your account you can visit the Educational Technologies office (AB137 in Utica and PC121 in Rome).

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What is my SIRS account and how do I log in?

Students use their SIRS (Student Information and Registration System) account to access a variety of information concerning their student status, academic standing, and financial aid. You can access SIRS from the quick links on the Current Student Main page or directly by going to:

Your user ID is your student ID number (your M#) and your PIN is a randomly assigned 6-digit number that you were mailed upon accepting admission and were also given during your APA (academic planning appointment) when you scheduled your classes. If you forgot your PIN and you created a security question, you can reset it online. You may also visit the Registrar's office with a photo ID to have it reset.

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Logistics - Finances, Parking, and more
How do I pay for books? Can I use my financial aid?

If you have financial aid left after you have paid your college bill you can use that as a book voucher in the MVCC bookstore in person. Students can get a book voucher of up to $800 if you have that much in available aid (students in the Nursing and Airframe & Powerplant programs can get more than that). Book vouchers can be used to purchase texts, required supplies, school supplies (including a backpack) and up to $100 worth of clothing ($93.00 plus tax). Students may also purchase a semester bus pass for $150 with their book voucher.

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How much will books cost?

The costs of textbooks vary depending on major and course, and range from $10 to $200. You can find out which books you need for each course, get price information, and even make purchases through the MVCC Bookstore's website. Information on books for fall classes are available in early June.

You have the option of buying new or used textbooks and renting textbooks. You can also buy e-books for some courses.

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How will I know if my class is canceled or the college is closed?

Class cancelations are posted on the college website early each morning. If the college is closed it will be posted on the college website homepage.

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Is public transportation available to and from the college?

The Centro New York Transit Authority provides regular bus service to campus from the greater Utica and Rome area. For locations and schedules you can visit Centro's website. Students can get a semester bus pass for $150 from the bookstore using their financial aid book voucher.

MVCC also provides a shuttle between the Utica and Rome campuses that students can use for free. The schedule can be found on the website.

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What are the options for parking on campus?

Students need to get a free parking permit (sticker) from the Public Safety office on either campus to park in student lots. Once you are permitted there are 5 parking lots on the Utica campus and 2 lots on the Rome campus. Especially at the beginning of the semester parking lots are fuller, so plan to arrive well before your classes start.

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What are the options to help pay for school?

Financial aid programs at MVCC are designed to assist eligible students with meeting their college-related expenses. All aid is awarded after students have filed their FAFSA and TAP applications online. More information about financial aid can be found on their website

Additionally, students are eligible to apply for scholarships offered through the MVCC Foundation. Information can be found on their webpage. Students are also encouraged to apply for general scholarships that are not specific to MVCC. There are many organizations and companies that offer scholarships so students are encouraged to use online tools like and to find them.

Students can also use a payment plan, setup through the Business Office in your SIRS account.

Finally, students are also welcome to apply for jobs on campus and in the community. Off-campus job postings can be found on the Career Services webpage.

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Is there a penalty for being late to class or missing class?

The attendance policies of your instructors will vary. It is a good idea to check your syllabus at the beginning of the semester and make sure you understand the policy for each of your classes. If you think you might have trouble getting to class, talk with your instructor and let him or her know ahead of time.

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What do I do if I miss a class?

If at all possible, you should let your instructor know ahead of time if you will need to miss a class. In an emergency situation, you should contact your instructor as soon as possible afterward. You can find your instructor's email on the website.

In either case, it is your responsibility to get all of the notes and assignments from the class that you missed. For this reason, it is a good idea to have the contact information of another student in the class who can help catch you up on anything you missed.

Here is some additional information about this process provided on our Health Center website.

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What are some key deadlines I should know as a new student?

Check out the First Year Calendar for some deadlines and dates to know in your first semester and year.

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Services & Supports
How do I know who my faculty advisor is?

You will receive an email from your academic center near the start of the semester with contact information for your faculty advisor. Additionally, you can look up your advisor in your SIRS account - click on "Academic Records Menu" - click on "Check Degree Progress" - click on "Check Degree Progress" a second time to enter DegreeWorks

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Is it possible to change my faculty advisor?

If your schedule conflicts with your faculty advisor's availability, you may request a new advisor using this form.

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Are tutors available for my class and what are their hours? How can I make an appointment with a tutor?

The Learning Center provides free tutoring in most classes on the Utica and Rome campuses. You can find the schedule for the writing lab, math lab, and other tutors on their website. You can also schedule an appointment online to see a tutor on their website.

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How do I join a student organization or club? What options are available and what are the benefits of joining?

From the Student Activities webpage you can find information on the almost 50 clubs and organizations open to students, including contact information for officers and advisors and meeting details.

Students are encouraged to be involved at the college to learn skills to succeed, develop self-confidence, and build a strong sense of self-worth. The Student Activities Program at MVCC provides opportunities for learning not readily found in other areas:

• Intellectual and individual growth
• Experience in planning events, activities and programs
• Fiscal responsibility
• Group leadership
• Cultural, educational, recreational and social events

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Is it possible to get a job on campus?

There are both work study and student assistant positions.

The work study program allows students with financial need to work part-time on-campus to earn money to help pay for educational expenses. Work study eligibility is based on information provided on the FAFSA, and is awarded on a first-come first-serve basis. For more information about Work Study please contact the Financial Aid office.

Many offices and departments at the college employ students as student assistants including Athletics, Human Resources, Admissions, IT, the Library, and more. You can find available positions on, and then complete the necessary paperwork and orientation through the Human Resources office.

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Is there any help at the college if I suddenly run into challenges outside of school like losing my job or housing?

The college can help connect students with community resources and in some circumstances might also be able to provide emergency loans against future financial aid refund checks. Please visit the Student Services Center for further assistance.

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What is StrengthsQuest and why do we take it?

StrengthsQuest™ (SQ) is a program that helps us learn what we do best, and then how to build our studies, careers, and lives by capitalizing on those talents.

At Mohawk Valley Community College we believe that every student comes to us with the ability to succeed academically. By understanding the combination of unique talents that inform the natural ways that they think and feel, our students are able to unlock their potential. To this end, MVCC utilizes Gallup’s StrengthsQuest StrengthsFinder assessment to help them to better understand their strengths and to apply them to their lives with a philosophic foundation that is grounded in positive psychology.

Learn more about StrengthsQuest at MVCC on our webpage.

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What other services exist at the college to help students?

The Student Affairs webpage offers information about many of the services, from counseling to career services and more, that are available to all MVCC students.

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