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Ted Moore Run 2014 Results

Course record set in Ted Moore Run

For the 17th Annual Ted Moore Run/Walk was a huge success with this year’s event attracting 191 participants and course record being set by 18-year-old Adam Zakaria in a time of 16 minutes, 26 seconds.

“This year’s race drew a lot of support from the College and the community,” said Deanna Ferro-Aurience, Director of Donor & Resource Development for Institutional Advancement. “The event helps raise awareness of Ted’s love of running and the dangers of drinking and driving.”

Theodore “Ted” Moore was an Associate Professor in MVCC’s Mathematics Department from 1981 until his death in December 1996 when he was tragically hit and killed by a drunk driver while out for a morning run.

New this year to help promote the event was the Law Enforcement Challenge, won by the Oneida County Sheriff Department. Other area departments taking part in the challenge included the Rome Police Department, Hamilton College Public Safety and New York State Police.

Notable community leaders included County Executive Anthony Picente, David Mathis of the Alumni Association and MVCC President Randall VanWagoner.

Age Category Results

Top Overall Male: Adam Zakaria, 18, Utica
Top Overall Female: Rebecca Lazarek, 30, Baldwinsville

Male 1-14: Dante Pereto
Female 1-14: Derek Kohl
Male 15-19: Brady Sanfilippo
Female 15-19: Andrea Albright
Male 20-24: Eric A. Stevens
Female 20-24: Deanna Hazelton
Male 25-29: Dan White
Female 25-29: Brooke Hoffman
Male 30-34: Josh Kuelling
Female 30-34:Michele Trinkaus
Male 35-39: Keith M. Sack
Female 35-39: Carrie Trevisani
Male 40-44: Rich Cohen
Female 40-44: Nicole Degeorge
Male 45-49: Paul Humphrey
Female 45-49: Gretchen Kubera
Male 50-54: Nike Massoud
Female 50-54: Teri Chace
Male 55-59: Steven Crowley
Female 55-59:Barbara Rapke
Male 60-64: Robert M. Ichihana
Female 60-64:Virginia A. Truax
Male 65-69:William Luley
Male 75-79:Kermit Cadrette



2014 Ted Moore Run Results

1Adam Zakaria18Utica16:26
2Rich Cohen43Utica17:42
3Eric A. Stevens22Rome17:55
4Brian A. Stevens24Rome18:40
5Josh Kuelling32Oriskany18:56
6Paul Humphrey46Deerfield19:31
7Brady SanFilippo16Oriskany19:43
8Mike Massoud53Sauquoit19:56
9Robert S. Clarey44Rome20:34
10Scott W. Suba50Utica20:37
11Nick J. Sheldon47New Hartford20:42
12Scott W. Hoag41Rome20:42
13Francis Manfred49Marcy21:01
14Dante Pereto14Oriskany21:36
15Matthew Trinkaus31New Hartford21:37
16Eric Kasper47Clark Mills21:38
17Edward T. Stevens47Rome21:54
18Paul Colburn46Whitesboro22:14
19Zachary A. Ciotti19Utica22:43
20Dan White27New Hartford22:44
21Rebecca Lazarek30Baldwinsville22:51
22Chris J. Hoffman26Utica23:07
23John Kraeger21Port Leyden23:12
24Shane Grems31Marcy23:28
25Steven Crowley57Whitesboro23:35
26Carrie Trevisani36Utica23:56
27Dan Trevisani52Utica23:57
28Derek Kohl14Remsen24:11
29Ethan T. Thompson14Remsen24:15
30Michael J. Sweezey28Rome24:40
31Matt Fikes30Utica25:08
32Joseph D. DeGeorge18Utica25:08
33Danny DeGeorge41Utica25:09
34Brooke Hoffman29Utica25:22
35Virginia A. Truax60Clayville25:37
36Brandon Parks14Herkimer25:44
37Deondre Linder13Utica26:11
38Sanel Galijiasevic20Utica26:23
39Andrea Albright19Whitesboro26:30
40Michael DiNardo21New Hartford26:31
41Brian R. Stoya18Lake George26:44
42Hussein Challoob19Utica26:54
43Charles B. Kane50Frankfort27:04
44Musco Millner44Rome27:12
45Susan Luley60Sauquoit27:16
46Lisa Mennig37Rome27:24
47Robert M. Ichihana61Herkimer27:29
48Russell Penner41Hubbardsville27:46
49Nicole DeGeorge42Utica28:03
50Kermit Cadrette76Rome28:15
51Kathryn Kobos-Fike29Utica28:25
52Michele Trinkaus30New Hartford28:37
53Morgan B. Steere15Deerfield28:44
54Deanna Hazelton21Tribes Hill29:20
55Jasmine Millner18Rome29:28
56Louis Zurek10Utica29:37
57Danny Humphrey12Deerfield29:43
58Eh Le Tha18Utica30:01
59Michelle Truett38Utica30:20
60Elizabeth Preuss40Utica30:32
61Keith M. Sack39New York Mills30:33
62Randall J. VanWagoner45New Hartford30:35
63Emilie M. Kane18Frankfort30:42
64Kyle Pelano20Rome30:44
65Gretchen Kubera46Utica30:52
66Alexis Linck-Entwi18Sauquoit30:55
67Teri Chace53Little Falls30:57
68Megan Suwek23Utica31:07
69Elizabeth Chaffee43Utica31:15

Steve Smith

71Jamie L. Latus26Deerfield31:48
72Cory M. Cantales27Utica32:06
73Justin M. Sines18Oneida32:07
74Brandon R. Thierry20Utica32:26
75William Luley65Sauquoit33:01
76Felicia Burak50New Hartford33:18
77Jennifer Kegebein23Rome33:21
78Phyllis Bonanza52Clinton33:32
79Alexander J Marcea22Malone33:35
80Nicole Arrante26Deerfield33:39
81Christine Burke48Clinton33:39
82David Rapke57Ava33:50
83Rebekah Penner10Hubbardsville33:56
84Barbara Rapke58Ava34:27
85Steve Mazza69Utica34:34
86Dawn Peck31Yorkville34:48
87Barbara Haggett30Utica34:48
88Miranda Seymore19Westdale35:36
89Melissa Barlett32Utica36:05
90Devin Sonne33Barneveld36:09
91Erin M. Steere,12Deerfield36:14
92Sean P. Steere47Deerfield36:14
93Ryann Dunn9Poland36:32
94Jess Burgdoff33Boonville36:34
95Megan Crowley20Whitesboro37:00
96Alan Chace54Little Falls37:29
97Jessica Hickernell25Stillwater37:50
98Chandler Wehril19Norwich38:03
99Tracy Chawgo50Norwich38:03
100Amber M. Buckley32Utica38:21
101Jeffrey G. Hoffman62Utica38:21
102Sarah Penner12Hubbardsville40:37