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Gift Planning

For students, going to college creates new opportunities and connections. Likewise, gift planning creates opportunities for forward-thinking charitable investors. It is a way to connect deeply and forever with MVCC and your community.

When you plan a gift to Mohawk Valley Community College, you create new opportunities for the students we serve together. Your gift not only impacts the students of today, it will also create a legacy that reaches beyond lifetimes to help shape thousands of MVCC students' futures. Become a member of our legacy society today! For more information, call us at 315.792.5555 or email us at:

Your Goal: Flexibility

Together, there are many ways for us to help the Mohawk Valley turn challenge into opportunity.

You can create a gift that costs you nothing today. You can benefit the next generation of students with flexibility to adjust your plans if your circumstances change by naming the MVCC Foundation as a beneficiary of your:

  • Will
  • Living Trust
  • Retirement Plan such as IRA, 401(k) or 403(b), 
  • Life Insurance Policy
  • Bank Account
  • Brokerage Account, or
  • Donor-Advised Fund

In fact, there are many ways that your gift can not only help MVCC, but also help you achieve your goals in life and secure your family's future. Let us help you reach your goals:

Increase my retirement income.

Maximize my family's inheritance.

Save for college for my children or grandchildren.

Provide supplemental income to a loved one.

Increase my support for MVCC without tapping my current income or ready cash.

Continue my support for MVCC forever.


The information provided does not constitute tax or legal advice. Always confer with your own advisors prior to making a charitable gift.



Frank DuRoss
Vice President of Community Development and
Executive Director of MVCC Foundation

Payne Hall, Room 220

Phone: 315.792.5555