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Withdrawal's Impact

If you receive federal financial aid, including loans, and you officially withdraw or stop attending before completing 60% of the semester, you will be subject to the federal return of Title IV funds calculation. This calculation is based on the percentage of the semester completed; generally you are required to repay a portion of the federal financial aid which has already been paid to you. This calculation is mandated and must be applied, regardless of the circumstances for withdrawal.

Future Semester’s Impact:
Please also note that courses from which you withdraw will count as credits attempted but not completed, this will negatively impact you in future semesters as we include these credits in your overall number of credit hours attempted at MVCC..

Federal Impact, Future:
As an example, a student who has previously attempted 48 credits, but has earned only 39, and now has an additional 12 in progress (from which he or she withdraws) will have, at the end of the semester, attempted 60 credits overall: (48 and 12 = 60).

You are expected to have earned forty (40) cumulative credits at semester’s end. Withdrawal will result in zero (0) credits earned (39 0 = 39). Withdrawal means that at MVCC, you will have lost your eligibility for federal aid in the upcoming semester (as you will be one (1) credit shy of expectation (40 – 39 = 1).  Please review the Standard of Academic Progress chart.

State Impact, Future:
As an example, the student in an upcoming semester is entering into a 5th payment of a TAP award.  What’s expected entering into this 5th payment is: 45 academic credits earned, a cumulative G.P.A of 2.0 and have completed nine (9) semester’s credits. In this particular case the student will have lost eligibility for State Aid since nine (9) semester’s credits were not earned in the previous semester.  Please review the State Standards of Academic Progress.

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