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Rome Campus FAQ

Where is the Rome Campus Student Services Center Located?

The Rome Campus hosts a Student Services One-Stop which provides all services to our students in one convenient location.  Services for Admissions, Financial Aid, Advisement, Registrar, Business Office, Counseling and Student Activities are all provided in our Center in PC130.

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How are services for Students with Disabilities handled on the Rome Campus?

The Rome Student Services Center has a fully trained staff member to provide intake services for any student with a documented disability.  We will then coordinate the appropriate accommodations with both the faculty member and the student.

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Are there DGV events on the Rome campus for students?

The Rome Campus is a vibrant part of the MVCC Cultural Series and offers a wide variety of events throughout the semester.  Many of these events are designated as DGV and are offered on days, evenings, and weekends for the convenience of our students.

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Do you offer all the services that the Utica Campus does?

We offer almost all of the services that the Utica Campus does, and for those few that we don’t offer, we can act as a liaison to Utica for you to provide you with what you need.

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Can I earn my entire degree on the Rome Campus?

The Rome Campus does offer quite a few degrees in their entirety.  There are, however, some degrees that will require a student to attend classes on the Utica Campus.  In many circumstances, however, online courses are another alternative to consider if traveling to Utica is a hardship.

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I have to take a class in Utica, but have transportation issues. What can I do?

The shuttle between Rome and Utica now offers transportation Monday through Friday with runs in the morning, early evening, and late evening (except Friday, which does not have a late evening service).

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Are there any student activities on the Rome Campus?

Rome Student Activities offers a full array of activities and events throughout the semester, including student trips if voted on by the members of the organization.  Thus, if you as a student joins, you will have a say in what gets planned. The Rome Campus also holds Student Congress meetings via satellite with the Utica Campus.  For more details and meeting times, stop by the Rome Student Services Center.

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What is one misconception people have about the Rome campus?

Many are not aware that the Rome Campus is a full-service branch campus with the convenience of a “One Stop” shop for our students.  We offer:

1. Admissions

2. Financial aid

3. Advisement, ID cards, & parking stickers

4. Process payments, transcript requests, & health records

5. The full “commuting student experience”

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