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Placement Testing FAQ

How do I sign up for Placement Testing?

You can sign up to take a placement test by calling 315-731-5802 or by visiting us online at

Testing is done on the Utica and Rome campus. You can choose which campus you would like to test at regardless of what campus you want to take classes at.

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How soon will I know my test results?

ACCUPLACER test results are available on Degree Works and Banner within minutes upon completion of the test. Depending on the time of year, the MVCC Writing sample will be available in 24 to 72 hours.

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Can I take the MVCC/ACCUPLACER placement test at a remote location?

Students who live more than 60 miles from the Mohawk Valley Community College can choose to complete placement testing off campus by finding a proctor to administer the test for them. Many colleges and universities have testing centers that allow students from other schools to take tests. Third party  test centers may charge a fee for proctoring MVCC’s exam.  Students are responsible for all fees incurred while taking exams.

Proctors are individuals that are responsible for supervising you as you take an exam.

Proctors are needed to ensure educational integrity while the student is taking the exam.

Examples of acceptable proctors are:

• College Testing Center

• College Librarian

Relatives, friends or co-workers are NOT eligible to proctor exams. If you have questions about proctor requirements, call (315)-792-5458 or (315)-731-5802.

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How Long Is The Test?

The writing sample is completed in 30 minutes.  The math and reading portions are untimed, and students are encouraged to give the test their full attention and take as long as they need to finish.  It usually takes 1.5-2 hours to complete all three components.

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Will I be able to see an advisor right after the test?

In general, students take the New Student Scheduling Survey at the same time as the Placement Test.  Advisors use your answers to the survey along with your placement results to make your first semester schedule.  Within one-two weeks, you will receive a phone call requesting that you come in for your GPS appointment with someone at the College who will help you view your program pathway and schedule and make a plan for academic success at MVCC. 

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Why can't I re-test?

Re-testing of any part of the placement test is not permitted. A question concerning re-testing of any portion of the placement test requires review from the coordinator of the Placement Testing Center. All requests must be submitted to David Yahnke in the Placement Testing Center.

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How long are placement test scores valid?

English and reading scores are valid for up to 3 years while math scores are only good for one year.  If a student is re-matriculating and took only non-credit/developmental classes, they must re-test if their scores are no longer valid.

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Does MVCC send test results to other colleges?

We do not send our test results to other colleges. Test results are intended for MVCC students and programs. Test results are designed for courses created by this college.

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