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Paying for College

It is common to have questions about tuition bills, financial aid, and generally paying for school. Please visit these websites for more information:

Business Office

The Business Office generates bills and collects payment for most charges a student might incur, so also handle deferrals (for financial aid, military, scholarships, etc.) and the payment plan. They also collect Certificates of Residency and distribute financial aid refund checks.

Financial Aid

The Financial Aid Office distributes state and federal need-based aid (grants, loans, and work study) using the eligibility determined through the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid).

MVCC Scholarships

The MVCC Foundation provides scholarships for use while studying at MVCC. Most scholarships have either a November 15th or April 1st deadline. The individual qualifications and award specifics are listed within the description of each scholarship.

Search a large, national scholarship database

A website specifically for community college students to plan for transfer and apply for scholarships