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Events and Guest Services (EGS)

Thank you for your interest in reserving facility space or requesting services through Events and Guest Services at Mohawk Valley Community College.

This landing page will help our team to better serve you. Please click on the most appropriate description of your group and you will be redirected accordingly.

Image: Important Note from Chairman

Internal/On-Campus Groups (MVCC)

MVCC employees looking to reserve conference, meeting, or event space for MVCC departmental use.

NOTE: Classroom reservations, for Academic programs, should still be reserved through Assistant Deans and Rachel Libby in the Office of the Vice President for Learning and Academic Affairs.

Image: Important Note from Chairman

External/Off-Campus Groups (Rentals)

Guests of the community looking to use or rent a facility. This also includes MVCC employees looking to reserve space for personal use.

NOTE: The College reserves the right to require that MVCC offices complete this form should the event in question be considered an "MVCC-affiliated" event rather than a direct departmental event. Any use may be subject to the College's normal fee schedule.