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College Connection

college connection

College Connection

MVCC offers opportunities for high school Juniors and/or Seniors  to receive college credit as part–time college students.
Through College Connection, high school students who are recommended to do so by their guidance counselors may take courses on the college campus nearest their high school.
Guidance Counselors work closely with the Office of Engagement and Leadership to select courses that are highly transferable to the college of choice or in getting a head start on a degree at MVCC
High school students who qualify will be financially responsible for  a student activity fee, technology fee, lab fees, health center fees and book purchases.

For more information please check out the following link:

Mohawk Valley Community College
College Connection Procedures


1. Student must meet first with High School Guidance Counselor so that Guidance Counselor can confirm student meets qualifications.

                           Student qualifications:

                           - GPA of B/80/3.0 or higher

                           - Recommendation to participate by guidance counselor

2. The student then must sign up to take the MVCC Placement Test. To register for a Placement Test go to, then in upper right hand corner search Placement Testing Center.  Once on the Placement Testing page students will select “schedule a Placement test” and then register for one of the dates. Results will be given to the Student Engagement and Auxiliary Services Associate, who will then forward results and recommendations to the High School Guidance Counselor.

3. Student will meet with their Guidance Counselor, who will assist the student in searching for a course to take at MVCC.  If the Guidance Counselor and student need assistance in selecting a course they can contact the Student Engagement and Auxiliary Services Associate who will provide advisement at that time.

4. Once a course has been selected, the Guidance Counselor will then complete the High School Program Registration form and the student and parent will sign.  (All areas must be complete including CRN, Course Name, semester student plans to attend, etc.  If the form is incomplete it will be returned to the Guidance office to seek out the missing information).

5. Current copy of the student’s transcript, MMR record and the completed High School Programs Course Selection Form should then be emailed to the office of Student Engagement and Outreach at

6. The Student Engagement and Auxiliary Services Associate will then forward the form to the registrar’s office to ensure student is enrolled in the proper course.

7. Students will be mailed a registration printout that lists information about the course he/she has selected and also receive a billing statement.

8. During the semester the student can access support services on the MVCC campus including advisement through the Engagement and Outreach Office (ACC 208).


Crystal Strain
Student Engagement and Leadership
Administrative Assistant

Contact Information
Alumni College Center, 208
1101 Sherman Drive
Utica, NY 13501
315-792-5386 (phone)
315-792-5422 (fax)