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Are Online Classes Right for Me?

Maybe you’ve been thinking about taking an online course, but aren’t sure if it’s right for you. Start by asking yourself the following questions:

Am I comfortable on the computer and on the Internet?
This doesn’t mean being able to hack into the Pentagon, but your learning will rely heavily on Web research, so you need to be familiar with search engines and locating information online.

Do I have time to commit to an online course?
What makes online courses so attractive is their flexibility — you can do the work on your lunch break or while laying in a hammock in the backyard — but they do require a substantial time commitment, sometimes as much as 10-12 hours a week.

Am I a good manager of my time?
That oh-so-appealing flexibility also makes it easy to procrastinate. Just like in a traditional course, doing well in an online class requires the discipline to stay on top of the work.

Am I a self-motivated student?
With online courses, you’ll have an instructor to guide you, but you won’t have regular lectures to tell you everything you need to know. A lot of your learning will be on your own.

Still not sure?
One common piece of advice is to start by taking a short elective. This will introduce you to online learning but without requiring a major commitment of time and energy. See how you like it, and if it works for you, then dive in!

Take an Online Course Readiness Test
Online Course Readiness Test


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Self-Test Result

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You will probably enjoy an online course!

You answered yes to all or most of the questions; you will probably enjoy an online course. Advantages include the ability to set your own schedule and learn at your own pace. Keep in mind that this is a class in which you work independently, with an instructor. You will read chapters from the text, read lectures from the web site, follow directions, post some ideas to a group bulletin board, complete your work, and turn in assignments. If you have difficulty, you always present your difficulty to the instructor so they may help.

Remember: Unlike most online courses, with "Undergraduate Center" courses, you do always have the option of attending class at a regular time if you want!

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You might want to invesitgate online courses a little more before enrolling.

You answered no to all or most of the questions, you might be more successful in a traditional structured class that meets at certain weekly times. Advantages include hearing explanations, seeing demonstrations, and working with an instructor and classmates regularly. Keep in mind that the instructor will determine when assignments are due, when tests will be given, and will generally determine the pace at which material will be covered.

You might especially like to enroll in an "Undergraduate Center" on-campus class. Unlike other on-campus classes, with "Undergraduate Center" classes, you always do have the option of doing some of your work over the internet!

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U. C. Online Course Readiness Test
Will you be successful if you enroll in an online course?
Answer by clicking YES or NO to all questions.
Do you prefer to earn college credit on a flexible schedule as opposed to coming at the same time every week for the duration of the course ? YES NO
Do you want to receive college credit for that investment of time? YES NO
Do you prefer to learn at your own pace, on your own? YES NO
Do you want to explore how the topics and assignments in one course connect to the topics and assignments of other courses? YES NO
Do you have reasonably strong reading skills - can you read and understand college-level textbooks? YES NO
Do you have basic computer skills (upload, download, e-mail, search, save) and access to a computer with Internet connection? YES NO
Can you follow directions accurately? YES NO
Are you interested in learning more about how to use the Internet to advance your educational goals ? YES NO
Are you a self starter? YES NO
Do you want to learn how to apply online techniques to other areas of your life? YES NO