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What is StrengthsQuest?

StrengthsQuest is the creation of the Gallup Organization and offers an asset based philosophy based on four decades of research. StrengthsQuest gives people the opportunity to develop strengths by building on their greatest talents — the way in which they most naturally think, feel, and behave as unique individuals. We believe that through our strengths we can achieve our greatest successes and experience a deeper engagement and fulfillment from our work as educators.  Through staff development, we hope to help every individual more fully understand his or her own talents and how each of those may be utilized in his or her professional role and personal life.

How do we use it?

As educators, we hope to help our students realize the power of their Strengths.  We believe that each student comes to us with the abilities to succeed in college. By facilitating the development of our student’s naturally occurring talents, we might help each student to believe in the great many possibilities for their future.  All students that go through our S.O.A.R. program take the StrengthsFinder assessment. This gives all students entering the college the vocabulary to begin talking about their strengths and talents on the very first day of classes in all of their classes. We promote the use of StrengthsQuest in the classroom and have a wide variety of resources available to all members of the college. The student StrengthsQuest website has additional information.

How can I take it?

As a member of the faculty or staff at Mohawk Valley Community College you may take the StrengthsFinder assessment to begin exploring your talents.  Once you complete the assessment you will have access to a customized report that details your top five themes of talent as well as actionable development items that will help you explore each of your themes.  If you are interested in learning more about StrengthsQuest, you may contact David Katz at 792-5307 or by email at  We also regularly hold trainings about using strengths in your own work and also how to use it with students, so be looking for those opportunities in upcoming institutes.