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May Institute 2015

Tuesday, May 19 and Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

8:30- 9:00 am IT Lobby
Breakfast refreshments and music

9:00-10:00 am/ IT Theatre/ Plenary Presentation: Anne Frank Project: Dear Me

Meet Reggie, a popular high school senior who is wrestling with the disturbing reality that his childhood pal, Charlie, has just committed suicide.  Ignoring Reggie’s desperate pleas, Charlie had recently come out-of-the-closet for all to know- the social impact was disastrous. After Charlie’s funeral Reggie seeks the refuge of their childhood hideout in the woods-amidst symbols of their lifelong friendship Reggie writes a letter to Charlie hoping his unspoken thoughts will somehow reach his lost friend.  Reggie’s letter conjures much more than he plans for as souls from the past magically visit him to aid his journey towards self-discovery and turning loss into lessons.

10:15-11:15 am Concurrent Sessions

ACC 116 Plenary Follow-up 1 - Dear Me: Share Your Story!

After viewing the devised play Dear Me, attendees will be asked to put the lesson of the play directly into action.  Dear Me’s theme is “You Can Always Connect”, so participants will be led through the process of writing their own letters to someone or something they need to connect with in their lives… just like Reggie in the play.  The actors in Dear Me become teaching artists as they join AFP staff to facilitate the process of bringing the attendee’s letters to life, on stage, to share with the world.  This emphasizes a central pillar in the work of the Anne Frank project- activating theory by engaging the power of story-building.  We believe that everyone matters, their stories matter and if they don’t share their stories nothing will ever change…indeed, it’s the only reason anything ever has.   Through story-building we help to share tools and vocabulary for conflict resolution, community building and identity exploration.

IT 116 Pairs and Squares

This interactive fun workshop will help colleagues understand the role of Student Affairs: Student and Resident Life team members and offices/departments.  In Part 1, Pairs and Squares, we will play the game “Pairs and Squares” as our activator where participants will play the role of a student who seeks service in the identified office/department.  Part 2 of the workshop will be presented at the August Institute.  Megan Wickham, Jenny Spinelli, Morris Pearson, and Gerald Villarreal  Cap:40

IT 117 LGBTQ 101

This workshop will offer foundational information for those working with LGBTQ students, faculty and staff.  It will cover a broad scope that encompasses the entire LGBTQ community so it would be ideal for those interested in taking the Safe Space training or for those already trained who would like a refresher.  Nicole Deveny and Kelly Conroy  Cap: 40

IT 119 Shakespeare in Print

This workshop will focus on the importance of the early publications of Shakespeare’s plays, especially focusing on the First Folio published in 1623.  Michael Faitell  Cap: 40

IT 216 Captioning Subtitles: Training to Support MVCC Video Compliance

Whether you use YouTube videos, DVDs, or work with “On-Demand videos”, MVCC is committed to captioning all videos or using only movies with captioning.  Learn the supports provided on campus and easy instructions to caption your own videos.  Resources and “how to” directions provided.  Tamara Mariotti and Jim Lynch  Cap: 40

IT 226 When Math and Creative Writing Collide

A presentation on my experience teaching HP 200: Honors Seminar, a class in which we explored how writers have used theoretical math as a literary device in stories.  From the logic-driven plot in Alice in Wonderland, the “some infinities are larger than other infinities” metaphor in The Fault in Our Stars, we’ll discuss the math and literature examined in the class, as well as my experiences teaching in the Honor’s Program.  There is no math prerequisite for this presentation.  For more information, here’s a video trailer for the course: https://youtube/toYgrCJIPqo  Anna Radlowski  Cap:25

11:00-1:00 IT 225 MVCC Employee Benefits Fair
Human Resources welcomes you to meet benefit providers, campus and local vendors promoting exclusive services.

Wellness Services
Financial Information
Door Prizes

11:00-1:00 IT Virginia M. and Edward Juergensen Gallery Employees’ Showcase Opening
Display of art work & crafts from MVCC employees. The art will be displayed for two weeks in the Virginia M. and Edward Juergensen Gallery located on the 2nd floor of the IT building.  Finger foods and drinks will be served during the opening, check it out!

11:30-12:30 pm Concurrent Sessions

ACC 116 Plenary Follow-up 2 – Finding Anne Frank in Rwanda: Building Stories, Improving Lives

Professor and Director of SUNY Buffalo State’s Anne Frank Project will share the story of how the simple production of a play has grown into a campus-wide social justice initiative with international, national, and community programming.  Inspired by the wisdom of Anne Frank and an annual trip to Rwanda, Africa, AFP utilizes story building as its primary vehicle for teaching lessons in conflict resolution, community building and identity exploration.  Professor Kahn will share AFP’s model of drama-based education currently being used by local Buffalo schools, universities across the country and, most recently, as part of Rwanda’s national education curriculum.  Emphasizing the importance of moving class information from student’s brains to their hearts, attendees will learn the theory of this kinesthetic process and have the opportunity to put introductory exercises into practice.

JC 115 –Yoga Room - Salsa, Swing, and Hustle

Learn the basic steps to these cool iconic social dances.  We will jam to some up tempo beats that will have us enjoying ourselves while we become more fit.  You do not need any previous dance experience, nor do you need a partner but you are welcome to invite one from work or home.  Wear comfortable shoes and clothes and be ready to have some fun.  Dave Katz and Marilyn Murphy  Cap:25

IT 116 Culturally Competent Interaction with LGBTQ Students

This workshop will provide a practical approach to utilizing culturally competent interactions in real life situations.  For example, what to do if you mistakenly use the wrong pronoun, or how to engage in a conversation in a way that avoids heterosexist and cissexist language.  This workshop would be ideal for those interested in taking the Safe Space training or for those already trained who would like a refresher.  Nicole Deveny and Kelly Conroy  Cap: 40

IT 117 Concussions

This workshop will discuss what concussions are, signs and symptoms, diagnosis, return to play criteria and baseline concussion testing.  Jennifer Krohn and Andrea Roberts  Cap 40

IT 119 Learning to Learn

Hear about and discuss the best techniques for learning and remembering new information backed by research and neuroscience.  Use the information yourself or help your students.  Everyone could use better ways to learn and remember things!  Melissa Barlett Cap: 40

IT 216 2015 Employee Climate Survey Results

Results of the spring 2015 Employee Climate Survey will be discussed.  Comparisons to previous survey results will be highlighted.   Norayne Rosero and Mark Radlowski  Cap: 40

12:30-1:15pm IT Lobby
Casual Lunch

1:15-2:15 pm Concurrent Sessions

IT 116 iTunes and iBooks: Pathway to OER

The attendees will learn about how to create interactive, dynamic documents using iBooks.   The course management using iTunesU will also be explained.  Presenter will show various examples of content creation and management.  The use of iTunesU in setting up Open Educational Resources (OERs) will also be discussed.  Shahida Dar Cap 40

IT 216 PDF Creation for Website Uploaders

In this lecture we will explore making a more accessible and searchable pdf document for the Web.  Topics include formatting and styling your text, creating pdf bookmarks, as well as creating an electronic pdf form that allows your users to fill in the information and then save for printing.  Chrono Ho Cap:40

IT 226 Wine and Signs

Participants will have a chance to construct a sign with the MVCC logo, or value statement.  Necessary supplies will be provided.  Unfortunately, the wine will not.  Sean Usyk and Jennifer Rubino  Cap: 15

IT 136 Jeopardy for the Classroom

Sam Lilly will reprise his popular Jeopardy for the Classroom That Would Make Alex Tribec Jealous in a computer lab so participants can create their versions of the game.  Cap:18

ACC 116 Basic Woodworking in a Small Shop

This is a hands-on workshop for curious woodworkers.  Topics include: basic hand tools, small power tools, wood working jigs, routers, bits, basic joinery and wood finishing.  NOTE:  This is a two hour workshop from 1:15-3:30.  Ric Rosero and George Goerner Cap: 15

2:30-3:30 pm Concurrent Sessions

IT 225 Katz on Dogs

The irony of having the last name of Katz while being a dog lover is not lost on me.  I have raised and trained rescue dogs with mellow temperaments from mellow to high-strung.  The goal of this workshop is to help you maximize your dog’s and family’s well-being and peaceful co-existence.  I am hoping that Scout, a very high-strung Australian cattle dog, and Wags, a very friendly Pit Bull/sight hound mix, can demonstrate for us after a brief classroom talk!  I am also hoping you might feel more confident in rescuing a dog yourself after learning how to help them heal.  David Katz, Scout and Wags  Cap: 25

IT 116 International Initiatives Book Talk: Hungry Planet

This is a repeat of the International Initiatives Committee book talk/discussion of Hungry Planet.  The book has an important message about the way we eat and world hunger.  Krista Hartman  Cap: 40

IT 117 Financial Aid: Cracking the Code

Financial Aid advisors Elizabeth DiRaimo and Michael Adamo will discuss the impact attendance, withdrawal, and failing grades have on a student’s financial aid.

IT 216 Sabbatical Adventures

Recently returned from a semester long sabbatical, Christine R Miller from the Center of the Arts and Humanities will discuss some of the serendipitous experiences of her sabbatical leave and the benefits of sabbatical from both a personal and universal standpoint. If you've considered applying for sabbatical in the past but have vacillated, this session might be the encouragement you need.  Christine Miller  Cap: 40

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

8:30-9:00 am IT lobby
Breakfast refreshments and music

9:00-2:00pm ACC 116 PA Benefits Fair

PA members may sign up for individual on-campus consultations with Attorney John Calimano of the PA legal services benefit to create a Will, Healthcare Proxy, or Living Will. Please take advantage of this free benefit. Members may also meet individually with Gerald McGahran for financial counseling to discuss benefits and options available through Stacey Braun.  To schedule an appointment with either provider please contact Justin Wilcox.

There will be three information sessions on the following topics.  Please contact Justin Wilcox directly via email to sign up for one of the four sessions:
1) 9 - 9:30 - Laura Calhoun, Member Benefit Rep. NYSUT, will speak about the details of our Vision benefit through Davis Vision and provide an update on optional member benefits through NYSUT.
2) 10 – 10:30 – Paul Rejman, Social Security Administration, will speak to members about Social Security benefits.
3) 11 – 11:30 John Calimano, ESQ, will speak on advanced directives and the importance of proper planning.
4) 1 -1:30 Gerald McGahran, CFP, will speak on the basics of financial planning.

Should you be interested in attending one of the four sessions or wish to schedule an individual meeting related to legal or financial planning, please contact Justin Wilcox to schedule an appointment.

All representatives will be bring a door prize; The PA Benefits Fund will be giving away an iPad.  Please make sure to stop by and enter to win. Must be a PA bargaining unit member to enter.

9:00-10:00 am Concurrent Sessions

IT 138 MVpedia: MVCC’s own knowledge base

Have you ever used Wikipedia?  MVCC has its own knowledgebase tool that functions in much the same way! Use your existing MVCC faculty/staff account and share or look up some knowledge.  Learn the ropes in 10 minutes.  Check it out at  Sergey Staskevich and Vincent Pellizzi.  Cap:20

AB 245 Science of Sound Workshop

We use our ears everyday, but what is the science of sound?  What makes for a good (or bad) listening environment?  How are sonic special effects achieved?  Learn how you can manipulate sound with the audio equivalent of Photoshop.  Whether you are an audiophile, musician, or otherwise, there are lots of interesting questions and cool answers. Jim Fiore  Cap: 18

IT 119 Disney for Dumbos

Planning a trip to Disney World?  Confused about Magic Bands, Fast Pass and MyDisneyExperience? Have no clue what POR, SSR, or AofA stands for?  From how to use the dining plan and what are the advantages of staying on property, we are here to help. Jennifer Krohn and Kelly McNamara  Cap 40

IT 226 Where Have All Our Thinkers Gone?  Down with Plagiarism!

As educators let us help our students become thinkers so they will have the confidence to phrase their own thoughts.  Let us make our students deep thinkers.  Using unnamed student papers, I will demonstrate the sad trend of how and what students turn in as papers of their own creation.  We will analyze Safe Assignments Reports and determine what is plagiarized.  We will discuss ways to help our students prevent plagiarism and develop confidence in framing their own expressive language in all written communications. Mildred Treis  Cap: 25

10:15-11:15 am Concurrent Sessions

IT 116 Mathematics in Magic

So you think that magic is all smoke and mirrors?  Come see the mathematics behind the magic.  This workshop includes a number of magic tricks based on different mathematical schemes.  Experience the “magic” and learn the mathematics behind it.  Note:  You don’t need to be a math major to enjoy this workshop.  Sean Davis  Cap: 40

IT 119 Movin’ on Up

Members of the Faculty Promotion Committee will explain the promotion process for MVCC faculty and the role the committee plays.  We’ll discuss what you should include in your application and the strategies that work when creating your promotion packet.  Faculty who plan on applying for promotion in the Fall of 2015 are encouraged to attend.  Ron Labuz Cap:20

IT 216 Not Another Brick in the Wall

This workshop will focus on an interdisciplinary approach to teaching literature by pairing major literary works with popular music of the 20th century.  Come and see what happens when T.S. Eliot, Flannery O’Connor, Lord Byron, and many others meet Bob Dylan, Bruce Springsteen, and the Sex Pistols.  Rialda Shulman Cap: 40

11:30-12:30 pm Concurrent Sessions

IT 116 Cybersecurity Awareness

This workshop will discuss the current state of cybersecurity on an international, national, institutional, and personal level.  The workshop will also demonstrate techniques and best practices for keeping professional and personal data safe from malicious hackers.  Jake Mihevc, Tom Mihevc, and Jason Yager  Cap 40

IT 117 Bosnia and Herzegovina: A Heart Shaped Land

This workshop will provide an overview on the society and people of Bosnia and Herzegovina.  The workshop will focus on the historical context of the country as well as the more recent events that have resulted in a large displacement of people from Bosnia and Herzegovina.  Dina Radeljas and Ibrahim Rosic  Cap: 40

IT 119 Undergrad Research

Come hear about an initiative where we partnered with the Masonic Medical Research Lab to give a group of students an internship experience involving undergraduate research projects linked to the lab’s current research.  Amanda Miller and Melissa Barlett Cap:40

IT 216 Content Management for Web Uploaders

In this lecture we will review the basics of the Web content management system, the content creation, the maintenance, web accessibility as well as the introduction of SiteImprov which will help you track the broken links and misspellings in your managing section.  It is recommended for those web uploaders who did not attend the previous sessions at the January Institute.  Chrono Ho  Cap:40

12:30-1:30pm - ACC Commons 
Summer Institute Recognition Luncheon


9:00-11:00 am IT 117 Active Shooter Awareness Training

Dave Amico, Executive Director of Public Safety and Emergency Management has developed this presentation that will detail a variety of potential life-threatening scenarios and will provide us with learning exercises in practical emergency survival skills as well as the role of law enforcement notifications of emerging events, and definitions of such terms as “shelter in place.”  Limit40

9:00am-3:30pm IT225 SQ 102 An Introduction to Strengths and SQ 103 Utilizing Strengths with Students Brandon Shaw, Tracy Coulson, Kristen Skobla, Patti Antanavige

9:00-12:00pm SQ 102 An Introduction to Strengths.  This seminar will introduce participants, who have taken the Gallup Strengths Quest and completed the online SQ 101, to utilizing asset-based philosophies in their work and personal lives, the Gallup StrengthsFinder tool and various strategies for better understanding their top 5 themes.  In this session participants will:
• Explore personal applications of a strengths-based and asset-based philosophy
• Explore and interpret the StrengthsQuest themes and how your individual themes combine and interact.

1:00-3:30pm SQ 103Utilizing Strengths with Students. This seminar will build upon the Outcomes and explorations in SQ 102 to enhance the participant’s understanding of how to utilize the Gallup StrengthsFinder themes with students.  Various tools and strategies will be introduced to enhance student awareness of their themes, and how they can use them in academic settings.  Participants will also explore strategies for using their own strengths to enhance their interactions with students. This session builds upon SQ 101 and SQ 102 to help participants:
• Learn to engage students in strengths based discussions
• Help students to reflect on their use of strengths
• Explore strategies for helping students identify strategies on how to use their strengths in academics.

1:00-3:00pm IT 116 Core Workshop: Well Being

The purpose of this workshop is to bring us together in a fun, relaxed and informal manner in order to reaffirm our collective commitment to wellbeing here at MVCC.  We hope to share research based information from the Gallup organization that can help us make wise individual choices that foster our personal wellbeing; as the cliché goes, “knowledge is power.” 
We also know we can't do it alone, and all of us are inherently connected to each other within this community.  Thus, we hope to glean feedback from you that helps the college to more closely align its day to day practices, processes and culture in a manner that favorably encourages our collective wellbeing.   
In addition, the content and activities of this two hour experience are intended to help us learn more about each other, and gain a greater appreciation for who each of us is, and what each of us does at the college every day.  By spending this meaningful time with colleagues we may not see every day, we hope to inspire new connections that can help us continue to co-create an increasingly positive and affirming community at MVCC that empowers us all to wellbeing.