January Institute 2016 | MVCC | Mohawk Valley Community College
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January Institute 2016

January 13, 2016

8:30-9:00 – morning refreshments and music

9:00-10:00 SESSION 1

1. An Investigation Into the Human Body- Eileen Bush, Don Kelly, Aaron Fried, Shannon Crocker - AB 213 
Imagine a time before the creation of both sophisticated written and technological references.  During such times early anatomists utilized keen observation skills to explore and investigate anatomical structures. MVCC students utilize human cadavers to gain knowledge in human anatomy.  The college community is invited to learn about the anatomical gift program and its contribution to this guided inquiry based approach to learning.  WARNING: BODY CAVITIES AND INTERNAL ORGANS WILL BE FULLY EXPOSED FOR VIEWING. Limit: 12 participants.

2.  Civil War Reenacting- IT 216    - Dave Yahnke
This presentation will cover Dave’s experience as a re-enactor.  There will be a power point presentation titled History, Halloween, and Playing War: A Re-enactor’s Story. There will also be a display of Civil War artifacts and the type of equipment used.  An explanation of adopting a “persona” will also be discussed.

3. Creating a Positive and Respectful Classroom Environment – Kathleen Capone-IT 116
Do you ever have students who are disrespectful, disruptive, argumentative, arrive late, leave early, have side conversations, interrupt, or cheat?  Learn simple techniques to promote a positive and cohesive classroom learning community.

4. Crossroad to Life’s Choices- Morris Pearson-IT 117
This presentation will address the fact that in life we all encounter incidents, situations, and opportunities that require us to process information for the best outcome.  We often process the situation based on past experiences, habits, beliefs, peer pressure and other subtle and not so subtle influences.  This class will help us to become more conscious in making better choices and also help our students to do the same.

5. News from the Bookstore- Ron Labuz, Jerry Pecorello, Nick Tutino - IT 119
With the bookstore now being run by Follett, some things have changed.  In this session, you’ll learn about bookstore policies and how to communicate with publisher’s reps and the bookstore.  We’ll discuss plans for the future, ways to save your students money at the bookstore, and the new technologies that are impacting the textbook market.  Everyone’s ideas are welcome!

10:10-11:10 SESSION 2

1. Organized Crime in Utica -  Robert Huyck, Andrew Glidden-IT 116
Racketeering!  Why was Utica called “sin city”?  Do you know that many major crimes were committed only blocks from the Utica campus?  Who was behind the racketeering crimes from the 1930’s to the 1970’s? Learn about Utica’s seedy past and how articles in today’s newspaper don’t fully identify the activity of the past.

2. Cybersecurity Safety- Jake Mihevc, Tom Mihevc, Jason Yager-IT 117
This workshop will discuss the current state of cybersecurity on an international, national, institutional, and personal level.  The workshop will demonstrate techniques and best practices for keeping professional and personal data safe from malicious hackers.

3.  I am I decide- Nivia Cavic-IT 119
This workshop presents the “iam I decide” perspective on decision making as the key to personal power.  Through an existential and positive psychology lens, we will explore the relationship between though and behavior; between being and doing, and seek to understand how individual needs impact internal dialogue, and how that dialogue precedes and influences behavior throughout the lifespan.

4. Content Management Update for Web Uploaders- Chrono Ho-IT 216
In this presentation we will introduce the new features of the Web Content Management System and review the basic operations, content creation, maintenance, web accessibility as well as the introduction of SiteImprove which will help you track broken links and misspelling in managing your section.  Attendance is strongly encouraged for those uploaders who have not attended previous sessions.

11:20-12:20 SESSION 3

1. Captioning and subtitles: Training to Support MVCC’s Video Compliance – Tamara Mariotti, Stacey McCall, Jim Lynch-IT 116
Whether using YouTube videos, purchasing a DVD, or working with “On-Demand Videos”, MVCC is committed to captioning all videos, or using only movies with captioning.  Learn the supports provided on-campus and easy instructions to caption your own videos.  MVCC resources and “how to” directions will be provided and information about a current related innovation grant will be discussed.

2. Rubber Stamping and Paper Crafting 101 – Deb Waterman – AB 121
Lighten up your day with a little fun and relaxation.  In this workshop you will learn some basics for making a card and 3-D project with rubber stamps and the Sizzix Big Shot machine.  All materials will be provided.

3. StrengthsQuest: What Makes a Team Great?- Melissa Barlett, Liz Doherty, Brandon Shaw-IT 117
StrengthsQuest is a great tool for discussing individual strengths, but as Gallup notes: “Although individuals need not be well-rounded, teams should be.”  Learn how Domains, a broader grouping of strengths, can be used as a tool to understand team dynamics and relationships among people working together with different Strengths.   The session will include discussion and ideas for using Domains in classrooms, offices, and committees, even including team members who have not yet taken StrengthsQuest.  It is recommended that participants in this session have already completed SQ 102, StrengthsQuest: Personal Reflections and Understanding of Strengths.

4. The Transfer Credit Process: What You Need to Know-  Mike Henningsen, Karen Pettigrew-IT 119
This workshop will help to shed light on the new streamlined transfer credit process.  We will show what the process is, how it works, and the tools that faculty/staff can utilize when working with students who have transfer credit.  Come join us for an informative session!

12:30-1:30pm - LUNCH

Hawk Vision Showcase – 12:30-1:30pm – 2nd Floor Lobby Information Technology
Hawk Vision has collected some of the practices of innovation that are happening at MVCC.  The second floor lobby of IT will be an exhibit of some these innovations used for teaching.  Please visit the showcase and see what happening at MVCC!

1:30-2:30 SESSION 4

1. Post Test Surveys for Student Success- William Hunt-IT 116
This workshop will present information on a post -test survey technique that can provide students with the following learning opportunities: help students identify strengths and weaknesses, provide a means to assess the adequacy of their preparation, and review the type of errors to find recurring patterns that could be addressed.

2. America the Beautiful, From Sea to Shining Sea- Lindsey Geary-IT 117
A picture tour across our great nation.  25 days, 14 national parks, 2 state parks, 2 national monuments, a car. And one dad.

3. The New Curriculum Submission Process- Aaron Fried-IT 119
Do you have to create or revise a course, program, or certificate?  The CWCC process has changed slightly and there are brand new forms.  Also, learn the basics of the process and be prepared for your upcoming curriculum project.

4. National Diabetes Prevention Program- Caroline Jacobus, Anne Popeo-IT 216
This workshop is a presentation of the National Diabetes Prevention Program and is based on the Diabetes Prevention Study results.


2:40- 3:40 SESSION 5

1. Leadership Academy Info Session - Ron Labuz & members of the Leadership Academy Workgroup -IT 116
Anyone can lead from anywhere within the organization.”  That is the unifying premise behind the 2 year MVCC Leadership Academy.  Interested in finding out more?  Do you want to see if this is a good fit for you at this time in your career?  Stop by and have all your questions answered about this amazing opportunity for personal and professional growth.  It will be fun and informative and you just might find that the timing is right for you to step out on this adventure!  Cookies will be served!

2. 2016 Mandatory Employee Training: Workplace Violence Prevention, Discrimination, Harassment and Sexual Harassment (2:30-4:00) – IT 225
Starting November 2015 and continuing through February 2016, the College will be  providing mandatory training for all full-time employees regarding workplace violence prevention, discrimination, harassment and sexual harassment (Title IX).  One or more of the components of this training are required by law, therefore attendance at this training will be monitored to ensure each employee attends. 

January 14, 2016

1:00-3:00pm - IT 116
StrengthsQuest: Personal Reflections and Understanding of Strengths- Melissa Barlett, Patti Antanavige
This training is designed for those who have taken the StrengthsFinder assessment and would like to learn more about their personal strengths and how to apply them to their careers and lives.  Topics include: talents vs. strengths, how strengths affect interpersonal interactions, how strengths manifest differently in people, and how knowledge of your strengths can improve your productivity and happiness.  This will cover the same material as the former SQ 102 training.