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Faculty Tech Academy

With technology changing so quickly it can often be very difficult for faculty to explore, learn, and maximize new technological applications given time constraints.  Thus, the Faculty Tech Academy is designed to be a small learning community through which up to five full-time mid-career faculty are provided a two-course release (6 credit, 8 contact hour max) in the spring semester to engage in an individualized learning plan that increases their ability to use educational technology in their teaching!  Developed by Kat Linaker, Christine Miller, Tim Thomas, Lew Kahler, and Jim Lynch.

This stimulating learning process includes weekly meetings in the iTeach lab in the Learning Commons to research, develop, and share best practices with the faculty tech cohort throughout the academic semester. There will be plenty of technical expertise to support faculty throughout the different stages of the project as well as lots of collegial support.

Applications are currently being accepted.  If you are at all interested please complete the application link located in the right hand column and submit the form to Jim Lynch ( jlynch@mvcc.edu) and Jody Marchetta (jmarchetta@mvcc.edu).  The deadline for submission is 4:30 pm October 28, 2016.  If you have any questions please call, email or stop by to see any of the team members.