August Institute 2015 | MVCC | Mohawk Valley Community College
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August Institute 2015

Thursday, August 20, 2015

8:30-9:00 am

IT Lobby Breakfast Refreshments and Music!

9:00-10:00 am

IT Theater      Plenary Presentation: Drones: Now and the Future – Jim Blanchard

This presentation is designed to raise awareness about Small Unmanned Aerial Systems and the programs available at MVCC followed by a hands-on training session.  The session will be presented by Jim Blanchard, Sc.D., Chief Scientist of the UAS Academy STEM Initiative.

*NOTE: Unless otherwise stated below workshop enrollment is capped at 20

10:15-11:15 am Concurrent Session

1. Campus Quad      Plenary Follow-up – Jim Blanchard

This is a hands-on training session designed for college faculty and staff interested in becoming certified to fly the sUAS on campus.  It will demonstrate the automated flight operations of MultiCopters and Fixed Wing Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems, ground station operations using computer-based decision-making for multiple aircraft operations by a single operator and mapping flights to generate detailed maps of the Utica campus. Jim Blanchard.  For more information, contact Dean Seyed Akhavi at 315-792-5366.

2. IT 119       Mindfulness Practice and Benefits - Bill Hysell, Lew Kahler, Dave Nackley

This workshop will focus on different meditation techniques used in practicing mindfulness. The benefits of mindfulness and mindfulness in the classroom and everyday life will be discussed. 

3. IT 224      Beading with Kim – Kim Hegert

Participants will have the opportunity to create a one of a kind piece of jewelry with Kim from Fall Hill Bead and Gem.  Choose to design either a bracelet or necklace from a selection of beads provided by Kim.  Cost for materials is $20.00.

4. IT 216       Achieving the Dream Year 2 – ATD Team Members

We’ve made it through our planning year and the Core and Data teams have selected the College’s initiatives.  Implementation teams have been identified and have begun their work.  Join us to hear more about where the College is in the process, the initiatives that are being worked on, and where this work is heading during the upcoming academic year.

5. IT 226      2015 Employee Climate Survey Workshop – Mark Radlowski, Norayne Rosero

Results of the spring 2015 survey will be discussed.  Comparisons to previous survey results will be highlighted.  

6. IT 227       Blackboard Basics  - Jim Lynch, Norma Chrisman

This course will help you structure your course content and how to steer students learning inside Blackboard. We will show you how to reinforce your lectures with a variety of articles, video, study materials.

11:30-12:30 pm  Concurrent Session

1. IT 116      Race Relations – Patrick Johnson

The recent tragedy in Charleston, South Carolina, with 9 people murdered at the hands of a lone gunman leave us once again wondering about the issues of race and racism in America.  What stands between us as blacks and whites in this country?  How united are we?  What is the work that lies before us as individuals and collectively?  What are your thoughts and questions around the issues of race?  What do we need to say and do?  Let’s talk. 

2. IT 117     Blues Harmonica – Tom Townsley

Learn to play blues harmonica with Tom Townsley.  Bring a diatonic harmonica in the key of C such as a Hohner Marine Band or Blues Harp, a Lee Oskar, etc.  E-mail Tom if you have any questions. 

3. IT 119      What the Heck Does CCED DO, Anyway? – Bill McDonald

Learn about the activities and initiative in CCED such as community/youth programming, corporate training/workforce development, EOC, and grant initiatives. 

4. IT 226      Straight from the Horse’s Mouth – Krista Hartman, Colleen Kehoe-Robinson

Are you or your students confused about where to find primary and secondary sources?  This session will provide guidelines with plenty of examples across the curriculum using library databases and other sources.  Bring ideas, questions or assignments. 

5. IT 224      Understanding Veteran Students:  Mental Health Issues in the Classroom – Dominick Nicotera, Tom Zenon, Rosemarie Pastorella

A student veteran is a soldier first. This session deals with characteristics of transitioning soldiers and helping them deal with differences to become a successful student.  Resources for faculty and students will be discussed. 

6. IT 227      Forget Final Exams-Try a Final Boss Battle – Melissa Barlett

Missions, badges, mini-bosses, and final bosses have turned my students from grade-obsessed and science-phobic into excited, engaged, and constantly working harder to move up a level or win a battle.  I will be sharing my techniques and eager to hear other game-based concepts people might be using. 

7. IT 216      Social Security 101 for PA Members – Paul Rejman

Social Security rep Paul Rejman will be on hand to explain retirement benefits for those PA members approaching, considering or just curious about retirement.

8. IT 136      Smart Classroom Orientation – Armin Safizadeh

What do I do when the computer and projector do not talk to each other? How do I use the smart board?  Learn some basic how to steps to get yourself up to speed on the technology in the classroom. 

12:30-1:30 pm

IT Lobby Casual Lunch

1:30-2:30 pm Concurrent Session

1. IT 216      Achieve the Dream Year 2 – ATD Team Members

We’ve made it through our planning year and the Core and Data teams have selected the College’s initiatives. Implementation teams have been identified and have begun their work.  Join us to hear more about where the College is in the process, the initiatives that are being worked on, and where this work is heading during the upcoming academic year.

2. IT 116      I Took StrengthsQuest: Now What?  Brandon Shaw, Melissa Barlett, Kristen Skobla, Jenny Spinelli, Patti Antanavige

This will be a roundtable/panel discussion for faculty, staff, and administrators who have completed the StrengthsQuest finder and wish to continue the conversation.  This session will be used to share ideas of personal as well as professional use of talents.

3. IT 119       What is Sous Vide Cooking? Andrew Glidden, Robert Huyck

Come and learn about a new and unique way of cooking that yields different and better results.  Sous vide is a culinary techniques in which vacuum-sealed food is immersed in a water bath and cooked at a very precise, consistent temperature.  Sous vide cooking is extremely simple and fool-proof and produces extraordinary results that are nutritious and delicious.

4. IT 136      Family Feud in the Classroom – Sam Lilly 

Join Sam Lilly as he introduces another game show based program for the classroom.  If you liked Jeopardy for the Classroom you should love Family Feud for the Classroom.  Limit: 18

5. IT 117      Preparing Your Savings for Retirement – Fidelity Investments

This informative session will provide insight on the importance of creating a retirement income plan.  It will help you set your sights on the future and discuss the steps you can take today as you prepare for retirement. It will address questions such as: Is it too late to save?  How will Social Security and health care costs impact my retirement plan?  Do I need to change the way I invest? And many more. 

6. IT 226      Online Retention Initiative – Deb Otis, Jim Lynch

The distance learning staff is running an optional retention program for our students addressing attendance and assessment scores.  Come see the results of the first pilot and learn how it could improve your online completion rates. 

7. IT 227      Who Are These Students and What Are They Doing Here?  - Mary Ellen Blakey and Jenny Spinelli

This institute would help to increase awareness on campus of student needs and the struggles they face. This session would provide an overview of the demographics of our student population and address various issues including: PTSD, values system/socioeconomic, crisis, racism, addiction/recovery, and disabilities. Part of the session will offer faculty and staff the opportunity to hear stories from students that fit the diversity of the campus community.

2:45-3:45 pm Concurrent Session

1. AB 133      Camera Obscura - Todd Behrendt

Come and spend some time exploring the inner workings of the Camera Obscura.  In this workshop we will cover the history of the Camera Obscura and see how a genuine version of this phenomenon works. 

2. IT 116       NEW-  Changes to the SUNY Optional Retirement Plan (ORP) aka TIAA-CREF and 403(b) Plan – Kim Evans-Dame

Participants will learn about the new and mandatory central online retirement enrollment and management system.  Learn about retirement benefits and investment providers, managing salary deferral elections for 403(b) and designating investment providers for the ORP and 403(b) with a link to online enrollment sites. 

3. IT 117       Estate Planning 101 for PA Members - Paul Kiley, John Calimanio

Paul Kiley from Stacey Braun will speak about NYSUT benefits that PA membersare entitled to after retirement.  Attorney John Calimanio will answer member questions regarding legal issues such as identifying healthcare directives. 

4. IT 119      MVCC 2025—Envisioning the Future Community College – Jim Lynch, Paul Katchmar

The Futures Coiuncil (Hawk Vision) will provide the much-needed structure to facilitate a dialogue on campus that is focused on organizational learning about alternative futures. Disruptive innovation, and strategies for transformation.

5. IT 226      DWI Prevention – Tom Giruzzi

Tom Giruzzi of Oneida County DWI will be speaking on Have a Plan – The High Cost of a DWI. 

6. IT 216      Cybersecurity Awareness - Jake Mihevc, Tom Mihevc, and Jason Yager

This workshop will discuss the current state of cybersecurity on an international, national, institutional, and personal level.  The workshop will also demonstrate techniques and best practices for keeping professional and personal data safe from malicious hackers. 

7. IT 227      Teaching Squares Orientation – Ron Labuz, Brandon Shaw

Teaching Squares is the mandatory NFI program for second year NFI faculty.  It provides the opportunity for structured observation of colleagues and an opportunity to share successful techniques. 

Friday, August 21

9:00 am -12:00 pm
IT149 and IT 150       Implementing the Teaching Rubric for Online Courses - Jim Lynch, Norma Chrisman, Deb Otis, Robert Rogan

This rubric was created based on the approved quality standards.  All new courses developed must meet the criteria within these standards and my hope is to have all current Blackboard courses (supplemental, hybrid and online) meet them within one year.  Uniform standards will help students navigate and understand online course components.  Please join us for a workshop on how the rubric applies to your course design. 

10:00 am -12:00 pm
IT 117        Active Shooter Awareness Training Core Workshop – Dave Amico

Dave Amico, Executive Director of Public Safety and Emergency Management, has developed this presentation that will detail a variety of potential life-threatening scenarios and will provide us with learning exercises in practical emergency survival skills as well as the role of law enforcement, notifications of emerging events, and definition of such terms as “shelter in place.” 

10:00 am -3:00 pm
IT 116       LGBTQ Safe Space Training – Dominick Nicotera, Tom Zenon, Rosemarie Pastorella

If you would like your personal office space to be designated as a “Safe Space”, you must complete this four hour training program.  This workshop is interactive and will frame the role of LGBTQ allies on and beyond campus and introduce resources for shaping a fully inclusive community.

1:00 pm - 2:15 pm
IT119       Toward a Comprehensive Model for Community Colleges to Address Poverty - President Randy VanWagoner

Community colleges throughout America serve more low-income students than any other sector of postsecondary education. Over the years, small-scale programs and services have only addressed isolated aspects of students in poverty. As the income gap in America widens and the middle class shrinks, a more comprehensive model to address poverty is needed more than ever.  A summary of the literature will be presented along with a preliminary conceptual framework to spark discussion about meeting the needs of low-income students at MVCC.  Your insights and feedback will help shape this initial work into a meaningful comprehensive model to scale up efforts for an even greater impact with our students who need it most.

1:00 pm -3:00 pm
IT 117         Well-Being Core Workshop

The purpose of this workshop is to bring us together in a fun, relaxed and informal manner to reaffirm our collective commitment to wellbeing here at MVCC.  We hope to share research based information from the Gallup organization that can help us make wise individual choices that foster our personal well-being.