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Credit vs. Non-Credit

Credit Vs. Non-Credit Training

Credit Programs
Typically students who enroll in any college program or certificate intend to either seek employment after completion or transfer on to earn their bachelors’ degree. Credit bearing programs enable students to apply for both state and federal financial aid. Certificate programs at the college level often offer a student the ability to take the core courses of a degree without the general education requirements as well as assist them with preparing for state and national licensing/certifications. These programs may be favored as they provide students with a college accredited certificate or diploma.

Non-Credit Programs
These courses are typically offered to learn specific skill sets or enhance a person’s general knowledge. Some programs are more intense in nature and may prepare students for state and national licensing/certifications. However, most programs only offer students recognition of completion of the program in lieu of a formal accredited diploma/certificate. Additionally, students enrolled in these courses are not eligible to apply for financial aid.

MVCC currently offers a wide variety of non-credit training programs through it’s Corporate and Community Education Office. Categories of study include, but are not limited to CNA licensure, Personal Care Aide, Phlebotomy, Security Guard, and the SAGE school for Tractor Trailer licensure.  

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