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Physical Accessibility


MVCC’s two campuses are situated on level ground, with relatively short distances and multiple walkways between buildings. The few changes in elevation are all ramped, and curbs have curb cuts in appropriate locations.


There are a large number of parking spaces reserved for individuals with disabilities in every parking lot on both campuses. The greatest number on the Utica Campus are in the lot adjacent to the Academic Building, which is where many classes are held. The entrance to this lot is at a traffic light on Sherman Drive, about a quarter mile from the area where the Memorial Parkway and Sherman Drive converge. There are three other entrances to the Utica Campus, and each leads to parking lots with accessible parking.

Parking lots for events taking place in the Utica Campus Jorgensen Center and the Information Technology/Theater building can be accessed from two different directions. To park in front of the buildings, access is via the main entrance to the campus on Sherman Drive, just feet away from the Culver Ave and Memorial Parkway intersection. This is the preferable location for Jorgensen Center events and for those attending events in the theater who prefer to sit in the back of the room. Parking behind the buildings can be reached by taking Armory Drive off Culver Ave, then turning left on Tilden Ave. This is the best place to park for wheelchair users who would like to sit close to the stage in the theater and can also be used as overflow parking for Jorgensen activities by those individuals who don’t have mobility-related disabilities.

Parking on the Rome Campus is found in easy-to-find parking lots (accessed from Bell Road or Floyd Ave) convenient to the accessible entrances to each of the two buildings (see note below).


Every building has at least one entry door that is equipped with an automatic door opener; most have them at every entrance. There is only one older building, the Rome Academic Building, that has steps at an entrance, but that building has an alternate, convenient, accessible entrance locate to the rear of the building.


All buildings with more than one level have elevators.


There are accessible restrooms in each building.


Accessible features exist across the campuses in offices, snack bars, classrooms, and other public spaces, and steps both small and large are continually being made to improve access, not just for people with disabilities, but for everyone who uses MVCC’s campuses for any reason. The college also welcomes the opportunity to consider individual needs, and will make every reasonable effort to meet those needs.

ADA/504 Coordinator
Tamara Mariotti, Coordinator of Disability Services
Phone: 315-731-5702
Utica Campus
Disability Services Office
Payne Hall Room 104H
Phone: 315-792-5644

Learning & ADHD Disabilities:
Katelyn Ouderkirk, Transition Support Specialist
Phone: 315-792-5413

Other Disabilities:
Tamara Mariotti, Coordinator of Disability Services
Phone: 315-731-5702

Testing Accommodations:
John Burns, Accommodations Specialist

Rome Campus
Student Services Office
Plumley Complex A30
Phone: 315-334-7709

 Grace Costello
Disability Services Specialist
Phone: 315- 334-7744

Jenny Spinelli
Phone: 315-334-7703