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Student Support Design Team

Research and explore ideas to make thoughtful and daring recommendations to significantly improve the student support system.

September, 2007 – May, 2008
Phased recommendations to be implemented for spring, summer, and fall registration semesters.

Charter Sponsor:
Executive Team
Process Review Group

Charter Contact:
Jennifer DeWeerth


  • Research academic support practices at identified exemplary community colleges.
  • Research and assess the feasibility of MVCC applying for participation in the Foundations of Excellence for the first–year experience.
  • Identify key components of a comprehensive, student-centered support system that will strengthen academic support systems for all students at the College.
  • Develop a list of abundance for what is working well and why.
  • Develop a deficit list for what is missing or what needs to be enhanced and how to go about it.
  • Develop pros and cons for a modified advising model that includes professional advisors.

Does Not

  • Conduct focused reviews of individual functions or departments
  • Establish policy.

Guiding Points 

  • If possible, develop indicators for annual evaluation of how we know if our academic support system is effective.
  • Recognize that a core aspect of the comprehensive community college is to set high standards for all students and provide comprehensive and accessible support services that allow students the opportunity to achieve those standards.
  • Design processes that will accommodate all students with various backgrounds, schedules, and needs.
  • Involve other staff and program faculty by asking them to meetings or conduct a quick email survey to gather additional perspectives.
  • Find a way to get the student perspective (i.e., enlist the help of Student Congress, etc.) on what works well and what doesn’t with regard to the academic support processes and services.
  • Develop strategies for improving the manner in which students are made aware of academic support services at MVCC.
  • Integrate the preliminary findings from the self–study process.

Community Colleges to Research:
Florida Community College at Jacksonville
Sinclair Community College, Dayton, Ohio
Two SUNY Community Colleges