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Google Design Team

Purpose Statement: The purpose of the Google Design Team is to make recommendations for the selection and usage of Google products for both Academic and Non-Academic processes to inform the work of the Information Technology Council.

Charter Sponsor: Cabinet

Charter Contact: Paul Katchmar, Executive Director of Information Technology

Timeline: May 15, 2018


1. Paul Katchmar*
2. Colleen Cornmire, InfoTech - Administrative*
3. Sergey Myalik, InfoTech – Computing Labs*
4. Jason Yager, InfoTech - Network Operations*
5. Nancy Wallace, President – Google User*
6. Mike Pede, VPSA, Financial Aid*
7. Jim Lynch, VPLAA,  Online Learning*
8. Norma Chrisman, Ed Tech - Training*
9. Jennifer Fanelli, Futures Council*
10. Melissa Barlett, Leadership Academy
11. Karen Getman, Leadership Academy
12. Mary Noti, Support Staff
13. Alen Smajic, Marketing
14. Shahida Dar, College Senate
15. Gregory Torres, Student
16. Carter Dorie, Student

*-Denotes Information Technology Council Member


Identify Google products for Academic and Non-Academic usages.
Recommend strategies for a dual Microsoft / Google campus environment.
Preserve third-party software integrations with Microsoft Systems.
Consider impacts on curriculums such as course syllabi, textbooks, academic software, etc.
Explore and recommend Google usages in traditional, online and hybrid education environments.
Define training topics for faculty, staff and students.
Define implementation milestones and timelines.
Identify initiatives requiring budgetary allocations and define costs.


Make final decisions; discuss personnel issues; discuss contractual issues.


  • Keep the College mission front and center
  • Be creative and think big
  • Think about what's best for students
  • Represent all divisions of the College