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ED 100

PURPOSE: The purpose of the ED100 Design Team is to review and refine the ED100 curriculum to ensure that students are consistently exposed to a comprehensive curriculum that provides effective preparation for and transition into college academics.

Charter Sponsor: VP for Learning & Academic Affairs

Charter Contact: Maryrose Eannace

TIMELINE: October 2011-February 2012



  • Review literature and research best practices related to curriculum and delivery of freshman seminar, including survey of current instructors.
  • Synthesize findings, refine and draft new curriculum. 
  • Present summary of research and draft curriculum to Centers, solicit votes, present final product to Senate, Cabinet and CWCC for feedback, review and approval.

Does Not

  • Make decisions.


Guiding Points

  • Retain a student-centered focus.
  • Remain true to the College mission.
  • Consider the cognitive, academic, social and personal aspects of the college transition: keep the “whole student” in mind.
  • Consider best practice findings in the context of the community college and, in particular, MVCC student needs, scheduling patterns, and environmental factors.