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Annual Review Design Team

PURPOSE: Research and develop recommendations to implement a meaningful annual review process for all full-time employees.

Charter Sponsor: Cabinet

Contact for Questions: Kim Evans-Dame

TIMELINE: October, 2011 – March, 2012



  • Research annual review processes at a minimum of six other community colleges – 3 SUNY (Monroe, TC3, choice) and 3 non-SUNY (Northern Essex, Owens, Lorrain).
  • Inventory all current annual review processes at MVCC and any guidelines set forth by collective bargaining agreements.
  • Develop preliminary recommendations and seek feedback from the College Senate.
  • Integrate feedback to develop final recommendations.
  • Recommend final proposal for a comprehensive review process that is aligned with the vision, mission, and values of MVCC.

Does Not

  • Make personnel policy.
  • Discuss individual evaluation or review anecdotes.


Guiding Points

• Consider the potential influence of a strengths-based approach to reviews.
• Keep recommendations aligned with the vision, mission and core values.
• Work to make recommendations with consistent minimum elements for all employee groups while accounting for differences among groups.
• Consider the benefits and pitfalls of both narrative and numerical-based reviews.
• Consider the importance and benefit of connecting performance reviews to employee enrichment opportunities.
• Integrate the work of other groups regarding the importance of clear expectations.
• Consider supervisor training regarding effective evaluations.

Annual Review Design Team




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