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2014 Trip

Information for Study Aboard 2014 will be announced in Spring 2014. Stay tuned!

Study Abroad in Italy 2012

MVCC’s Study Abroad is heading to Italy! Here are the details:

Course Description | Learning Outcomes | Course Requirements | Grading | Disability | Academic Integrity | Tentative Calendar | How to Enroll

Course Description

Study Abroad Italy: SA 300 Italy. CRN, Section 900. 3 credits.
Instructors: Carolyn West Pace, Ph.D., Professor, Arts & Humanities
Jedediah Kimball, Associate Professor, Art

If you are interested in finding out more about the trip, go to Go to Check out My Professor’s Tour and enter our trip number 1041781. 

This international course enhances cross-cultural skills, language skills, and an understanding of Italian art and culture. An introduction to Italian Art includes painting, sculpture, and architecture focusing on Venice, Florence, and Rome. Students are introduced to basic conversational and written Italian.

Student Learning Outcomes

To succeed in this course, students need to meet the following objectives:

  • Demonstrate a knowledge of major Italian artists and their work
  • Relate the works of Italian art to their cultural background
  • Demonstrate the writing and verbal skills necessary to clearly express ideas about Italian art
  • Recognize and identify major Italian artworks from a variety of periods
  • Demonstrate a knowledge of basic conversational and written Italian
  • Create an artistic expression based on Italian Artist research and analysis
  • Create a journal recording the research and analysis for the artistic expression

Course Requirements

The student is expected to:

  • Attend all classes and be on time. If you come in after I have called the roster, it is your responsibility to notify me at the end of class.  If you do not notify me, you will be marked absent for that day.
  • Read and study assignments prior to class.
  • Participate in class discussions – quality participation is essential. Respect the ideas of others.
  • To receive a passing final grade, students will need to complete and submit all assignments when due and complete quizzes as scheduled.  It remains the student's responsibility to keep track of all assignments and requirements.
  • Meet with the instructor during mutually agreed upon appointment times for assistance in any matter impeding progress.


Quizzes                             15
Reflections                         40
Italian Journal                    40
Participation/Attendance      15

Attendance and Participation

Attendance is required for this course. In addition to the academic material, we cover important information on safety and travel during the study abroad portion of the course. If you have to miss a class, contact one of the instructors within a week of the class meeting. Poor attendance and lack of participation may result in withdrawal from the trip at your own expense.


Recommended but not required:

  • Sylvan Barnet. "A Short Guide to Writing About Art." 
  • Frederick Hartt and David Wilkns. "History of Italian Renaissance Art."
  • Fred Kleiner. "A History of Roman Art."
  • Nancy and Andrew Rammage. "Roman Art."

Readings are on reserve in the library.

Journal entries

Thumbnails, brainstorms, mind maps, word associations, doodles, notes, collages, poems, etc. related to either the sites, architecture, artists or culture of Italy. For the purposes of this class one full page of the journal will equal one entry. Students keep a journal before and during the study abroad trip.

Artistic expression

Visual or performance expression that represents your research and analysis of Italy qualifies as an artistic expression. The following media are some of the accepted forms: drawing, painting, photo collage, mixed media collage, video presentation, needlepoint, sculpture, song, poetry if approved by the instructor.

Italian Art Reflections

These comprise of short (typically 1-2 page) responses relating to art. The responses will be completed both in and out of class. Keep a folder with your responses. The grade for your response is based on the following:

  • Whether or not the responses were submitted and if they were on time
  • The development and content of your responses
  • The connection of your responses to the objectives of this course
  • The development of ideas from the text and class


Ms. Lynn Igoe (315.792.5413 voice or TTY), the Coordinator for Services to Students with Disabilities, would appreciate hearing from anyone in the class who has a disability that may require some special accommodation. The Office of Services to Students with Disabilities is located in AB 109. They are able to determine your eligibility for these accommodations and can explain the services as well as introduce you to the aides available. If there is something that I can do to assist you, please contact me during office hours in PH 321.

Academic Integrity

It is our sincere hope that this will not apply to any of you this semester. All of the work that you submit for this course must be your own original authorship whether it is an exam, a paper, or any other assignment. Any student who cheats or plagiarizes in this course will fail the assignment and may fail the course. The student will not have the option to redo the plagiarized material. All students are required to read the Learning Center’s handout on documentation and plagiarism. This class uses the MLA format for documentation.
All electronic devices must be turned off during class. Failure to comply with this will result in a reduction in points for your participation grade. These procedures and policies are subject to the discretion of the instructors.

Tentative Calendar

This calendar is subject to change. Corresponding readings are assigned in class.

Fall Semester 2011: Meetings are on Tuesdays at 4-6 pm in IT 227.

November 5, 2011:  Enrollment, General Information, Course Requirements, Italian Art.
December 3, 2011:  Looking and writing about art, gallery visit.
                             Basic Italian, Ancient Rome.

Spring Semester 2012: Classes meet on Tuesdays 4-6 pm, location TBA.

January 31, 2012:  Ancient Rome.
February 14, 2012:  Florence.
March 6, 2012: Florence.
April 3, 2012: Venice.
April 24, 2012: Venice.
May 1, 2012:  Renaissance and Baroque Rome.
May 21, 2012: Departure for Italy. Refer to Educational Tour guide for details. 
We will continue meeting on the study abroad trip focusing on the cities that we visit. TBA.
May 31, 2012: Return to the U.S.
June 2012:  Meeting upon return.

How to enroll

Here are the steps to complete if you decide to enroll:

1. Contact MVCC faculty members and give us your phone and email so we can contact you about the trip.

2. Enroll for the 3-credit Humanities Course For Fall 2011. Register for the course SA 300 Italy (CRN# TBA, Section 900) for Fall 2011. You’ll need to have your advisor put it in your plan of study. The CRN and section number are listed in “off-campus Utica” under SA 300. The course will begin in November and continue in the spring semester. Grades are assigned at the completion of the study abroad trip.

3.  EF Educational Tour: You enroll for the trip directly through the Educational Tour company. To enroll: Pay $550 to EF Educational Tours (Travelers signing up after December 1 may be required to pay a higher portion of the trip fee in advance.)

  • The EF Customer Service number is:  1.877.485.4184.
  • Venice, Florence, Rome with extension – 11 days total.
  • The trip number is 1041781 listed under Pace.
  • You can also enroll online at

You need to enroll for the course through the college and also for the trip through EF Educational Tours.

4. Choose a payment plan. 

Most travelers choose the EF Auto-Pay option, which spreads the payments out from now through the spring. Some students choose to pay the full payment to the MVCC Business Office. Financial Aid applies to those who qualify. Consult the Financial Aid office for more details.

Departure: Our estimated departure date is May 23, 2012, a few days after MVCC May graduation. We leave from NYC and the trip is 11 days.The group will take a bus from the college to the airport and back. The bus fee is not included and is divided among the travelers.