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Academic and Career Exploration

An MVCC student has the opportunity to explore and develop their goals from the day classes start. Though each student declares a major upon being admitted, students often discover that first choice is no longer the best match. Successful students explore their own interests and develop their goals as career interests change and narrow.

Submitting a request to change majors is the last step of career exploration.
Career Assistance

The MVCC Counseling Center offers CHOICES as a tool for students to explore interests, skills and work values to focus their academic and career goals. The computer-based inventory not only allows the student to explore their personal goals, but also contains a database of job descriptions, requirements, and salaries. An additional feature is a database that links jobs to a searchable database of educational programs throughout the United States and Canada. The Myers-Briggs and Strong Interest Inventory are also available.

The following resources are offered as options and are NOT meant to replace discussions with a Counselor:

Counseling Center

Contact Information

James Maio
Associate Dean
Student Development & Transition Services

Utica Campus
Student Services Center
Phone: (315) 792-5326

Rome Campus
Plumley Complex A30
Phone: (315) 334-7709