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Accessibility for Individuals with Disabilities

PARKING: The Auditorium has a parking lot that can be accessed from both Oriskany and Whitesboro streets. Although it has a number of parking spaces set aside for individuals with mobility-related disabilities, those spaces (as well as the lot itself) may fill up fairly quickly. There are also places to park in a variety of downtown Utica locations, although many are located at a distance that is greater than most individuals with mobility impairments are able to walk. To avoid encountering either of these difficulties, individuals with mobility issues who are driving should arrive early; those who drive with someone else can be conveniently dropped off at the Oriskany Street entrance of the building to wait while the driver parks his or her vehicle.

GRADUATES WHO CANNOT USE STAIRS: Graduates who cannot use stairs should contact the Office of Accessibility Resources (see contact information below) to discuss seating and the awarding of diplomas.

GUEST SEATING: There is an area (Section 204) set aside for wheelchair users that can best be accessed from the Oriskany Street entrance. There will be chairs placed in that area so each wheelchair user should be able to sit with one member of his or her group. All other seating is located either up or down one or more steps. Guests who have difficulty navigating stairs should arrive at the Auditorium as early as possible in order to ensure the best possible seating location.

SIGN LANGUAGE INTERPRETERS: Sign Language interpreters will interpret the entire event. To enhance visibility, their images will be projected onto a large screen.

VISIBILITY: The Auditorium is an enormous facility. Individuals with some degree of vision loss should arrive at the facility early in order to get seating as close as possible to the graduates and the stage. To enhance visibility for all guests, everything happening on the stage will be projected onto a large screen.

ALTERNATE FORMAT MATERIALS: Individuals who require large print or other alternate format materials should request these by contacting the Office of Accessibility Resources(see contact information below) at least two weeks prior to the ceremony.

QUESTIONS: Contact the Office of Accessibility Resources by phone (315-792-5644) or e-mail (