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Off-Campus Academic Programming

Purpose: Oversee all academic offerings that are not held on the Utica or Rome MVCC Campus.  Ensure coordination of course and program offerings for student success and completion and ensure compliance with all state, federal, regional and programmatic regulatory bodies.

Charter Sponser: Cabinet

Contact for Questions: Maryrose Eannace, Vice President for Learning & Academic Affairs

Timeline: September 2017 - ongoing

Membership (standing):

1. Assistant Vice President of Academics and Dean of the School Stem, Health and Social Sciences
2. Assistant Vice President of Academics and Dean of the School for Business, Education and the Liberal Arts
3. Executive Dean of Academic Development and Innovation
4. Associate Dean of Student Development and Transition Services
5. As needed point person for each off campus location


Develop and Assess all off-campus Academic offeringsDevelop & Assess
Maintain oversight of all Federal, State, Regional, and Programmatic Accreditations for off-campus offerings.Maintain
Develop Visual Data Package for all off-campus programmingDevelop
Develop and Assess best practices for off-campus academic offerings.Develop and Assess
Support and magnify innovative practices and promote them in all off campus academic programmingSupport & Magnify
Analyze Data including but not limited to, student success rates, retention and completion rates, enrollment, financial feasibility, resource sustainability, grant compliance, Strategic Initiatives, and appropriateness of facilities, on a monthly basis. Recommends interventions and programmatic adjustments for all off campus academic offerings as needed.Analyze and Recommend
Make recommendations to Site liaison/director, Cabinet, Grants Council, EMC and SPC as appropriateRecommends


  • Supervise Off-Site Campus Staff
  • Adopt a scarcity mindset

Guiding Points

  • Keeps the College mission front and center
  • Be creative
  • Utilize data informed decision making
  • Maintain a mindset of abundance
  • Cultivate a culture of inquiry