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Guided Pathways Steering Committee

Purpose Statement: Guided Pathways is a redesign of the student experience to include early decision making about educational and career goals to help students get on a path, stay on that path, and ensure that they are learning what they need in order to succeed. The Guided Pathways Steering Committee coordinates Guided Pathways efforts, supports Guided Pathways workgroups, and communicates with faculty and staff about the progress of Guided Pathways work at the College.

Charter Sponsor: Cabinet

Charter Contact: Vice President for Learning & Academic Affairs and Vice President for Student Affairs

Timeline: Initial Development and Implementation 2016-Fall 2020


Associate Dean for Enrollment & Retention Services (VPSA Appt) - Jennifer DeWeerth (Standing)

Associate Dean for Student & Residence Life (VPSA Appt) - Dennis Gibbons (Standing)

Associate Dean for Student Development & Transition Services (VPSA Appt) - Jim Maio (Standing)

Executive Dean for Academic Development & Innovation (VPLAA Appt) - Jim Lynch (Standing)

Coordinator, Career Services (VPSA Appt) - Lizabeth Doherty (Standing)

Faculty Representative (VPLAA Appt) - Aaron Fried (Standing)

Faculty Representative (VPLAA Appt) - Shannon Crocker (Standing)

Chair of the Faculty Caucus (Ex Officio) - Christine Miller (Standing)

Chair of the College Senate (Ex Officio) - Alex Haines-Stephan (Standing)

Director of Financial Aid (VPSA Appt) - Mike Pede (Standing)


Develop and support Guided Pathways workgroupsDevelop
Coordinate efforts between workgroupsCoordinate
Communicate the work and progress of workgroups to the college communityCommunicate


Decide personnel issues

Guiding Points

  • Be creative
  • Utilize Data Informed Decision Making
  • Maintain a mindset of abundance
  • Cultivate a Culture of Inquiry


Updated: Spring 2018