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Student Experience Workgroup

Purpose: The purpose of the Student Experience Workgroup is to serve as the primary group advocating for the student experience at the College .

Charter Sponsor: Enrollment Management Council

Charter Contact: Vice President for Student Services

Timeline: Standing


  • Asst. Dean for Advising & Enrollment – Co-Chair
  • President of Student Congress or designee
  • Director of Student Engagement
  • Enrollment Associate
  • At-large Student Services representative
  • Faculty representative
  • Rome Campus representative
  • Vice President of Student Congress or designee
  • At-large student representative
  • At-large student representative
  • Students must select one student representative as Co-Chair 


  • Research national/regional/state best practices regarding student engagement in community colleges.
  • Review processes and procedures regarding College/Student interaction.
  • Solicit and collect qualitative feedback from students regarding their experiences.
  • Collaborate with the Office of Institutional Research and Analysis to develop instruments and collect quantitative feedback from students regarding their experience. 
  • Synthesize qualitative and quantitative feedback.
  • Consult with relevant areas of the college to consider aspects of the Student Experience being considered by the council on an “as necessary” basis.
  • Develop and make recommendations to the Enrollment Management Council Recommend


  • Make decisions; determine policy; discuss contractual issues


  • Keep the College mission, with an emphasis on the student experience, front and center
  • Keep the College Senate and Enrollment Management Council informed of your activity and include them in your processes whenever possible
  • Student success breaks all ties

Minutes, Agenda and Schedule