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President's Think Tank

The Think Tank is a representative group of faculty and staff from a diverse cross-section of the College.  Membership is reconstituted each year to increase participation over the years.  Since the Think Tank’s inception in 2007, 55 different individuals have served as Think Tank members.  The monthly meetings often involve wide-ranging conversations about current happenings at the College as well as ideas for improving the working and learning environment.  Each year produces at least one tangible outcome that helps make MVCC a little better.  Some examples of outcomes that were implemented a direct result of the Think Tank include:


2013-14Shortline bus to NYC for students Core Workshop Topics
2012-13Clocks in Jorgenson, additional copiers for faculty.


Employee phone directory pushed to the computer desktop


Process to include faculty and staff photos in the online directory

2009-10 Online idea box


Soft furniture in lounge areas throughout the College


Online payroll stubs (eliminating monthly mailing)