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Meta Majors

Purpose Statement: Guided Pathways is a redesign of the student experience to include early decision making about educational and career goals to help students get on a path.  This committee will be creating Meta-Majors (MM), which are collections of academic majors that have related courses and career goals.  MM is a way of organizing majors we already have, so students make informed decisions.

Charter Sponsor: President

Charter Contact: Vice President for Learning & Academic Affairs and Vice President for Student Affairs


Guided Pathways Co-Chair (Ex Officio) - Aaron Fried (Standing)

Guided Pathways Co-Chair (Ex Officio) - Shannon Crocker (Standing)

Executive Dean for Academic Development & Innovation (VPLAA Appt) - Jim Lynch (Standing)

Coordinator of Advising (VPSA Appt) - Dawson McDermott (Standing)

Faculty Caucus Chair (Ex Officio) - Christine Miller (Standing)

Coordinator, Career Services (VPSA Appt) - Liz Doherty (Standing)

Representative from Admissions (VPSA Appt) - Dan Ianno (Standing)

Representative from Marketing (President Appt) - Jen Fanelli (Standing)

Associate Dean for Enrollment & Retention Services (VPSA Appt) - Jen DeWeerth (Standing)

Representative from Catalog and Curriculum (VPLAA Appt) - Gail Warchol (Standing)

Associate Dean for Student and Residence Life (VPSA Appt) - Dennis Gibbons (Standing)

Associate Dean for Student Development and Transition Services (VPSA Appt) - Jim Maio (Standing)

Faculty Representative (Faculty Caucus Elected) - TBA

Faculty Representative (Faculty Caucus Elected) - TBA

Academic Associate Deans (VPLAA Appt):

    Mark Montgomery (Standing)

    Tim Thomas (Standing)

    James Roberts (Standing)

    Melissa Copperwheat (Standing)

    Todd Behrendt (Standing)

     Joe Woodrow (Standing)

     Julie Dewan (Standing)

     Gary Broadhurst (Standing)

     Jake Mihevc (Standing)


Define "Meta-Majors" withing the context of our existing occupational programs and transfer pathwaysAnalyze and Develop
Identify and prioritize strategies for alignment of programsDevelop and Maintain
Identify best practice in Meta-Major identificationDevelop and Maintain
Create benchmarks for implementationDevelop and Maintain
Determine outcomes of implementationAnalyze and Develop
Develop recommendations on naming convention and program alignmentAnalyze and Develop
Establish a timeline (recommendation to Executive Cabinet)Develop and Maintain


Decide personnel issues

Guided Points

  • Be creative
  • Utilize data informed decision making
  • Maintain a mindset of abundance
  • Be relentless in examining all aspects through the student lens


Updated: Fall 2018