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International Student Recruitment Workgroup

Purpose Statement
The purpose of the International Student Recruitment Workgroup is to develop and support international recruitment priorities at the College by identifying opportunities to increase international recruitment streams and student populations.

Charter Sponsor
Enrollment Management Council

Charter Contact
Jennifer DeWeerth
Dan Ianno


1. Coordinator of International Student Services (Chair)
2. ESL Academic Faculty representative
3. Faculty representative from one academic area of interest (art, business, etc.)
4. Marketing and Communication representative
5. International Initiatives Committee representative (non-teaching)


Explore opportunities for new international student streamsExplore
Research comparable institutions for recruitment best practicesResearch
Consider costs and benefits of potential recruitment opportunities.Consider
Identify a strategy for  developing potential partners and countries for expanding the College’s international student populationIdentify
Determine optimal size and shape of the international population at the College and in collaboration with key stakeholders (e.g. Housing)Determine
Make prioritized recommendations to the Enrollment Management CouncilRecommend

Does Not

Make Policy


Guiding Points
• Be creative.
• Keep an open mind, and not get stuck on “how we’ve always done it.”
• Maintain a mindset of abundance
• Involve other staff, faculty, and students by asking for their input.