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Integrated Advising Workgroup

Purpose Statement: The purpose of the Integrated Advising Workgroup is to explore and make recommendations to improve the College's academic advisement system.

Charter Sponsor: Academic and Student Affairs Leadership Team

Charter Contact: Lewis Kahler, Stephanie Reynolds, Guided Pathways Steering Committee

Timeline: Ongoing until final recommendations have been made


  1. Faculty Advisor (Standing) Co-Chair - Shannon Crocker
  2. Coordinator of Academic Advisement (Standing) Co-Chair - Dawson McDermott
  3. Associate Dean (Standing) - Jim Roberts
  4. Associate Dean (Standing) - Tim Thomas
  5. Associate Dean (Standing) - Jennifer DeWeerth
  6. Completion Coach (Standing) - Salina Billins
  7. Coordinator of Career Services (Standing) - Liz Doherty
  8. Faculty Advisor (Standing) - Christine VanNamee
  9. Faculty Advisor (Standing) - Stacey McCall
  10. Faculty Advisor (Standing) - Tia Locke
  11. Faculty Advisor (Standing) - Rich Kelly
  12. Programmer Analyst IT (Standing) - MaryJane Parry


Research student advising models and best practices for retention & completionResearch
Explore options and models to maximize faculty and staff rolesExplore
Include assessment plans in the design of advising systems, policies, and proceduresInclude
Consider student access, quality of student service, and student successConsider
Identify strategies for communication with studentsIdentify
Identify needs for professional development & resourcesIdentify
Make recommendations about faculty advising role, rewards, and recognitionsRecommend
Make recommendations to Academic & Student Affairs Leadership TeamRecommend


  • Make policy or personnel decisions


• Be creative.
• Keep an open mind, and not get stuck on “how we’ve always done it.”
• Maintain a mindset of abundance.
• Involve other staff, faculty, and students by asking for their input.
• Keep the student experience at the forefront.