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Intake & Onboarding Workgroup

Purpose: The purpose of the Student Intake & Onboarding Workgroup is to design a holistic experience to support students form the first point of contact through the midpoint of their first semester.

Charter Sponsor: Vice President for Learning & Academic Affairs and Vice President for Student Affairs

Charter Contact: Guided Pathways Steering Committee

Timeline: Fall 2018-Spring 2019 or until purpose has been completed


Coordinator, Career Services (VPSA Appt) - Liz Doherty, Co-Chair (Standing)

Faculty (VPLAA Appt) - Amit Sharma, Co-Chair (Standing)

Associate Dean (VPLAA Appt) - Julie Dewan (Standing)

Associate Dean (VPSA Appt) - Jennifer DeWeerth (Standing)

College Advisor (VPSA Appt) - Jenny Lewis (Standing)

Assistant Director of Financial Aid (VPSA Appt) - Maureen Boufas (Standing)

Completion Coach (VPLAA Appt) - Rachel Golden (Standing)

Rome Student Services (VPSA Appt) - Dan Eddy (Standing)

Faculty, CF100 Coordinator (VPLAA Appt) - Gina St. Croix (Standing)

Admissions Counselor (VPSA Appt) - Kalynn Riedman (Standing)

Financial Systems Accountant (VPAS Appt) - Stacy Kenyon (Standing)

Auxiliary Services Associate (VPAS Appt) - Kelly Miller (Standing)

Coordinator, ALS (VPSA Appt) - Patti Antanavige (Standing)

Marketing Communications Strategist (President Appt) - Jennifer Fanelli (Standing)


Research best practices and models for Guided Pathways onboardingResearch
Focus on creating a student-ready college and single points of contactFocus
Consider shared tracking and student data systemsConsider
Identify strategies for communication with studentsIdentify
Design with the whole student pathway experience in mindDesign
Make recommendations to Guided Pathways Steering CommitteeRecommend


Make policy or personnel decisions

Guided Points

  • Be creative
  • Keep an open mind and not get stuck on "how we've always done it"
  • Design for the most at risk student at the least opportune time
  • Involve other staff, faculty, and students by asking for their input
  • Keep the student experience at the forefront


Updated: Fall 2018