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Employee Recognition Council

Purpose: The purpose of the Employee Recognition Council is to design, plan and coordinate all formal employee recognition activities at the College.

Charter Sponsor: President’s Cabinet

Charter Contact: College President

Timeline: Standing

Membership (length of term for members if applicable)

Member of the President's Office appointed by the President- Chair, Standing - David Katz

Member of the President's Office appointed by Chair (Standing) Recorder - Gloria Karol

Member of  Human Resource appointed by the President  (Standing) - Nancy Wallace

Member of Marketing President appointment (Standing) - Candice Parsons

Member of Administrative Services appointed by Vice President for Adiminstrative Services (2020) - Stacey Kenyon

Member of Rome Campus appointed by Dean of Rome Campus (2021) - Jon-David Velletto 

Member of Student Affairs Representative Appointed by Vice President for Student Affairs (2021) - Nicole Benton

Member of Learning & Academic Affairs Representative appointed by the Vice President of Learning & Academic Affairs (2019) - Mary Noti

Member of AMVA elected (2020)- Janet Visalli 

Member of UPSEU Union  elected (2021) - Kathleen Kresa

 Member of PA Non-Teaching Professional elected (2019) - Sharon Zohne

Faculty At-Large elected (2019) - Roman Santos

Faculty At-Large elected (2019) - Melissa Barlett

Subgroups formed on an as needed basis


  • Develop criteria, procedures and evaluation rubrics for all awards.
  • Solicit peer nominations from employees and supervisors to create strong candidate pools for all awards.
  • Coordinate the implementation of the Hawks That Soar annual awards program.
  • Coordinate the implementation of the annual Chancellor’s award program. 
  • Coordinate the implementation of the local Excellence annual awards program.
  • Research and make recommendations to the Cabinet regarding best practice employee recognition programs.
  • Make recommendations to the Cabinet regarding recognition programs for retirees and current employees' years of service awards.
  • Seek opportunities for individual and institutional recognition at the local, state and national levels.


  • Make decisions; determine policy; discuss contractual issues


  •  Keep the College mission, with an emphasis on the student experience, front   and center
  •  Consider all employee and affinity groups with regard to inclusivity
  •  The stronger nomination processes are the stronger the impact of the awards
  •  Make the process as pleasant as possible for nominees