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Crisis Response Team

Purpose: The purpose of the Crisis Response Team is to develop and coordinate the implementation of the College’s Crisis Management Plan.

Charter Sponsor: President’s Cabinet

Charter Contact: College President

Timeline: Standing

Membership (length of term for members if applicable)
Director of Public Safety - David Amico, Chair (Standing)
Vice President for Student Affairs - Stephanie Reynolds (Standing)
Vice President for Administrative Services - Tom Squires (Standing)
Vice President for Learning & Academic Affairs - Lew Kahler (Standing)
Associate Vice President/Dean of Rome Campus - Franca Armstrong (Standing)
Director of Marketing & Communications - Alen Smajic (Standing)
Executive Director of Information Technology - Paul Katchmar (Standing)

Director Facilities - Michael McHarris (Standing)

President - Randall VanWagoner (Standing)


Research best practices related to crisis management.
Regularly review the Crisis Management Plan and updates components as necessary.
Conduct table top exercises to practice various crisis management procedures.
Facilitate communication with local law enforcement agencies and other schools and colleges regarding emergency procedures.
Develop and implement a schedule to test emergency procedures.
Develop and implement appropriate professional development opportunities related to crisis management for faculty and staff.


Take situations lightly; work in isolation


Keep the College mission, with an emphasis on the student experience, front and center
Help the College prepare for the unexpected
Imagine the unimaginable
Coordinate with other agencies and institutions as necessary