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Alcohol and Other Drug Workgroup

Purpose Statement: The purpose of the MVCC Alcohol and Other Drug Workgroup is to strengthen the education and prevention efforts associated with Alcohol and Other Drugs and to facilitate the review of all related policies at the College 

Charter Sponsor
James Maio, Interim Assistant
Dean for Student Support

Charter Contact
Stephanie Reynolds,
Vice President for Student Affairs




  • Research best practices in prevention and education for Alcohol and Other Drugs
  • Identify opportunities to improve upon policies and prevention efforts
  • Develop recommendations for policy relative to Alcohol and Other Drugs based on best practices and identified opportunities
  • Develop a multi-stepped communication plan that provides consistent messaging to the College Community throughout the academic year
  • Plan, implement and assess educational programs, including, but not limited to relevant national weeks of observation


  • Make decisions regarding college policy; discuss personnel issues; discuss contractual issues



  •  Keep the College mission front and center
  •  Be creative and think big
  •  Think about what’s best for students
  •  Seek to understand and recognize there are multiple perspectives to each issue