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Administrative Process (APROC) Workgroup

Purpose: The purpose of the Administrative Process Workgroup (APROC) is to make ongoing improvements to Banner and other satellite systems to maximize administrative efficiencies and customer service.

Charter Sponsor: President’s Cabinet

Charter Contact: VP for Administrative Services

Timeline: Standing

Membership (length of term for members if applicable)

  • Executive Director of Info. Tech. – Chair
  • Information Technology reps (5)
  • Student Records Office reps (2)
  • Admissions Office reps (2)
  • Financial Aid reps (2)
  • Business Office reps (4)
  • Institutional Research reps (2)
  • Institutional Advancement reps (1)
  • Human Resources reps (2)
  • Rome Campus (1)
  • Academic Affairs administration reps (2)


  • Facilitate inter-departmental communications during the feasibility, design and implementation of Banner and satellite systems initiatives.
  • Coordinate testing of Banner and satellite systems initiatives to safeguard all departments’ requirements for data accuracy and efficient business practice integration.
  • Develop and approve Banner Data Standards to include Banner Validation / Rules Forms as well as formulating and enforcing data entry standards. 
  • Recommend procedural changes or the enhancement of Banner and satellite systems processes that are shown to improve office efficiencies.
  • Recommend a prioritized list of fiscal year Goals and Objectives.


  • Mandate departmental procedures; determine high level policy and priorities.


  • Consider how students and other customers experience our processes—both dealing with staff and self-service Banner.
  • Seek to eliminate “home grown processes” and replace with baseline Banner processes.
  • Encourage active participation of the College’s Banner users in SICAS Functional Area User Groups (“FAUGs”) and Operations Meetings.”
  • Keep the College mission, with an emphasis on the student experience, front and center

Minutes, Agenda and Schedule