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Institutional Effectiveness Council

Purpose: The purpose of the Institutional Effectiveness Council is to maintain and coordinate the implementation of assessment processes at the College.

Charter Sponsor: President's Cabinet

Charter Contact: College President

Timeline: Standing

Membership (length of term for members if applicable): 

Director of Institutional Research & Analysis – Co-Chair (ongoing) 
Assessment Liaison - Co-Chair (ongoing)
Registrar's (ongoing)
Senate Chair (ongoing)

Chosen within Departments ( 3 Year Terms)
Five (5) Faculty - representing five of the 10 academic areas/Departments
One (1) Associate Dean - representing academic department not represented by Faculty members

Appointed (3 Year Terms)
At-Large (appointed by President)
At-Large (appointed by VP for Admin. Services)
At-Large (appointed by Associate VP/Dean of Rome Campus)
At-Large (appointed by VP for Student Services)
Other volunteer members

*Vice President for Learning & Academic Affairs (invited as appropriate)


Select and evaluate appropriate activities necessary for assessing the outcomes identified in the Institutional Effectiveness processSelect & evaluate
Provide assistance for assessment in each Unit through the selection of assessment tools and the development and implementation of their assessment plansProvide assistance
Review the results of assessment findings to ensure fitness of method and usability/applicability of the resultsReview results
Initiate follow-up inquiries to ensure that Units have linked assessment findings with their annual plansFollow-up
Serve as a source for verification that the results of assessment findings have been used for improvementVerify use of results
Facilitate the communication and dissemination of assessment findings to the appropriate areas of the CollegeFacilitate communication


Make final determinations; discuss contractual issues


  • Keep the College mission, with an emphasis on the student experience, front and center
  • Keep the College Senate and President's Cabinet informed of your activity and include them in your processes whenever possible
  • Stay closely connected to the strategic planning process
  • Provide a focus on building of assessment that uses data for nore informed decision making

Approved by the IEC 2017