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Grants Council

Purpose: The purpose of the Grants Council is to coordinate grants planning and management activities at the College.

Charter Sponsor: President’s Cabinet

Charter Contact: College President

Timeline; Standing (from fall 2008)


  • Institutional Advancement, Chair - Frank DuRoss (President Appt, Standing)
  • VP for Learning & Academic Affairs - Lew Kahler (President Appt, Standing)
  • VP for Administrative Services - Tom Squires (President Appt, Standing)
  • VP for Student Affairs - Stephanie Reynolds (President Appt, Standing)
  • Institutional Advancement - Russ Davis (President Appt, Standing)
  • Institutional Advancement - Christina Born (President Appt, Standing)
  • Institutional Advancement - Deanna Ferro-Aurience (President Appt, Standing)
  • Director of Community & Workforce Development - Kristen Skobla (President Appt, Standing)
  • Rome Campus Dean & Associate VP of Workforce Development - Franca Armstrong (President Appt, Standing)
  • Business Office Representative - Rick Zak (VPAS Appt, Standing)
  • Project Coordinator Grants Compliance and Reporting - Sabrina Fryman (VPAS Appt, Standing)
  • Academic Development & Innovation - Jim Lynch (VPLAA Appt, Standing)
  • Academic Affairs - Vacant (VPLAA Appt, 2018)
  • At-large – as necessary
  • Associate VP for SHSS  - Kat Linaker (VPLAA Appt, Standing)
  • Associate VP for BELA - Vacant (VPLAA, Standing)
  • Upward Bound Project - Todd Kubica (VPSA Appt, 2021)
  • Student Affairs - Jim Maio (VPSA Appt, 2019)
  • Faculty SHSS - Shahida Dar (Elected, 2021)
  • Faculty BELA - Erica Brindisi (Elected, 2019)


  • Research and prioritize grant opportunities.
  • Consider grant opportunities in relation to the College Strategic Plan and community needs.
  • Engage all departments necessary to strengthen the College’s ability to coordinate all aspects of grant development and implementation.
  • Decide which grants opportunities to pursue.
  • Facilitates internal innovation grant process.


  • Simply chase money; plan in isolation.


  • Keep the College mission, with an emphasis on the student experience, front and center
  • Keep the College Senate and President’s Cabinet informed of your activity and include them in your processes whenever possible
  • Use the Strategic Plan as a guide and inspiration
  • Be creative and think big
  • Think about leveraging existing assets and strengths of MVCC
  • Engage other departments sooner rather than later in the process (IT, facilities, business office, etc.)