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Employee Enrichment Council

Purpose: The purpose of the Employee Enrichment Council is to assist in the overall development and coordination of a comprehensive annual employee enrichment program.

Charter Sponsor: President’s Cabinet

Charter Contact: College President

Timeline: Standing

Membership (length of term for members if applicable)

  •  Executive Director of Organizational Development (Ex Officio) - Chair
  •  President's office Representative (Chair appointment), Standing
  •  Employee Enrichment Coorindator (Ex Officio), Standing
  •  Teaching Fellow, (Ex Officio), Standing
  •  Teaching Fellow, (Ex Officio), Standing
  •  Director of Human Resources, (President appointment), Standing
  •  Educational Technology Representative, (VP appointment), Standing
  •  Adjunct Liaison, (VP appointment), Standing
  •  Academic Affairs representative (elected) 3 year term
  •  Administrative Services representative (elected) 3 year term
  •  Administrative Services representative (VP appointment)
  •  Student Services representative (elected) 3 year term
  •  Student Services representative (VP appointment)
  •  At-Large (appointed by Associate Vice President)
  •  At-Large (elected) 3 year term
  •  At-Large (elected) 3 year term 

VPs will ensure equal representation from each collective bargaining unit


  • Conduct research on professional development best practices in education.
  • Annually solicit and collect input on employee enrichment needs and interests from all employee groups.
  • Recommend program priorities to the President’s Cabinet.
  • Develop an annual employee enrichment program calendar.
  • Advise, and participate as necessary, on the development, scheduling and facilitation of employee enrichment offerings.
  • Keep the College Senate informed as necessary.
  • Develop a multi-year strategic plan for employee enrichment offerings and recommend to Cabinet.


  •  Make decisions; determine policy; discuss contractual issues


  • Consider all employee and affinity groups with regard to enrichment
  • Keep the College mission, with an emphasis on the student experience, front and center
  • Coordinate institutional memberships in professional organizations