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Employee Enrichment Council

Purpose:  The purpose of the Employee Enrichment Council is to assist in the overall development and coordination of a comprehensive annual employee enrichment program.

Charter Sponsor: President’s Cabinet

Charter Contact: College Senate Chair

Timeline: Standing

Membership  (length of term for members if applicable)

1. Executive Director of Organizational Development - Chair
2. Coordinator of Faculty and Staff Development (standing)
3. Academic Affairs representative (elected)
4. Academic Affairs representative (VP appointment)
5. Administrative Services representative (elected)
6. Administrative Services representative (VP appointment)
7. Student Affairs representative (elected)
8. Student Affairs representative (VP appointment)
9. At-Large (appointed by Associate Vice President.)
10. At-Large (elected)
11. At-Large (elected)
12. Director of Human Resources (standing)

VPs will ensure equal representation from each collective bargaining unit


Conduct research on professional development best practices in educationResearch
Annually solicit and collect input on employee enrichment needs and interests from all employee groupsSolicit and Collect
Recommend program priorities to the President’s CabinetRecommend priorities
Develop an annual employee enrichment program calendarDevelop Calendar
Advise, and participate as necessary, on the development, scheduling and facilitation of employee enrichment offeringsAdvise and participate
Keep the College Senate informed as necessaryInform
Develop a multi-year strategic plan for employee enrichment offerings and recommend to CabinetDevelop plan



  • Make decisions
  • determine policy
  • discuss contractual issues


• Consider all employee and affinity groups with regard to enrichment
• Keep the College mission, with an emphasis on the student experience, front and center
• Coordinate institutional memberships in professional  organizations