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Workshops and Presentations

Happy Thoughts: Celebrating Cary Grant through Primary Sources (2012)

College Librarian Panel Discussion: InformationLiteracy; Bridging from High School to College

Partners in Promoting Information Literacy…

The Contributions of African-Americans to the American Legal System

The Da Vinci Code

Introduction to the Invisible Web

Exploring the Mohawk Valley: Print and Online Resources

MVCC Online: Internet Based Learning

Oneida-Herkimer BOCES Workshops: Presented by Krista Hartman and Colleen Kehoe-Robinson

The Plagiarism  Plague : An MVCC Summer Institute Presentation by Colleen Kehoe-Robinson & Dr. A. Mildred Treis

Presentation, Mohawk Valley Personal Computer User Group (NY)
"MVCC Online: Internet Based Learning"
January, 2009

Presentation, Parkway Senior Center (Utica, NY)
"Digital Memories of Utica from the Library of Congress"
April, 2011

Presentation, Parkway Senior Center (Utica,NY)
"A Survey of Utica's Historical Theaters"
May, 2011

Presenter, MVCC Professional Association's Fact and Film Series
"On the Waterfront"
Fall, 2011

Presentation, Parkway Senior Center (Utica, NY)
"A Survey of Inductees From the Oneida County Historical Hall of Fame"
September 2, 2011

A Primer on Public Records

Promoting Records Management  on Campus

A Survey of Amendments to the New York State Constitution

Toaster Ovens to White Out: A Survey of American Women Inventors

Real Life Cases From Court TV