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Adjunct Instruction

ED 100: College Seminar
(Catalog description: "College Seminar is an opportunity for students to develop the skills necessary to improve the chances for success in the college environment. General College procedures, the fundamental notions of time management and study skills, and the specific responsibilities of today’s students in a variety of local and global environments are discussed. One or more collaborative projects will be an integral part of the course. Corequisites: The course must be taken in the student’s first thirty hours of study. General first year courses would usually be taken at the same time.")

  • Fall 2001 semester
  • Spring 2002 semester
  • Fall 2002 semester
  • Fall 2004 semester
  • Spring 2005 semester
  • Fall 2005 semester
  • Spring 2006 semester
  • Fall 2006 semester
  • Fall 2007 semester
  • Spring 2008 semester

Co-developed LI 103: Information Literacy

(Catalog description: "This course develops skills in information literacy, which includes finding, evaluating, and using electronic and print resources. It introduces the creation, dissemination, organization and use of information in academic libraries. It explores the impact of current technologies on the information cycle. Hands-on time is spent mastering tools and strategies for creating, locating, and using information. Tools and techniques are used to develop an annotated bibliography on an appropriate topic.")